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XPS 15z trackpad problems


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XPS 15z trackpad problems

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Hi all,

I bought a Dell XPS 15z laptop last week. In general, as my previous XPS m1530, it is an excellent laptop, but my experience has been ruined so far because of the trackpad behaviour.

Reading some of the posts, I see several people are reporting various problems with the trackpad (interference with the screensaver and poor 2 and multi-finger responses). My major problem with the trackpad is that there is no way to completely disable it!!!

If the "Disable TrackPad when  external USB mouse is present" is selected, or even if the "disable" option in the trackpad settings is checked, the trackpad is never completely disabled:

Every 10 seconds or so, the trackpad comes back to life for a very short time before being disabled again. At first I thought I could live with it, but after a couple of days of usage I can tell you it is a nightmare having the cursor and even the windows jumping randomly whenever my thumbs touch the trackpad while typing. For instance, while writing this post I've had to use my external mouse three times so I can return the cursor to the appropriate typing position :(

I'm seriously considering using an external keyboard until this problem gets fixed. This problem is really annoying and it is spoiling my experience with what otherwise is an excellent laptop.


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  • I think this could be closed out with the newest drivers (thanks for the link DELL-Bill B) fixing the disable problem.  Remaining issues can be discussed in new threads.


    I have found a solution to all the problems. The driver for the 15z is obviously not well engineered and needs an update yet Dell has not given any solutions and more frustration as I have read through these forums. I recommend going to the dell driver page for the Dell XPS 13 and download the Cypress Trackpad driver from there. This driver is compatible with both Windows 7 and Windows 8. You will need to uninstall the previous driver before installing the new one. I work at one of the Microsoft retail stores in Mission Viejo, Orange County. I have done this on my own personal 15z and have Windows 8 and it works great and even better than my previous driver.

    Here is the link:


    1) Look under the tab Input

    2) First driver (says applies to: Cypress touchpad)

    3) Download

    4) Install

    5) Enjoy

    6) Drink a beer triumphantly

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  • You can disable the touchpad by using Quickset. Type Windows Mobility Center in the Start Box to access it. If you still have problems, contact Dell Support. You should not be having so much trouble with a new computer.

  • Thanks for your reply, but using Quickset is an indirect way of disabling the trackpad in the actual driver settings, which is what I am doing. I did spend three hours with Dell support with a technician specialised in XPS laptops. He did try to help me and installed all the latest drivers and used all the possible configurations but the problem always remained.

    Do you have the XPS 15z? If you do, can you disable the trackpad, wait ~20 seconds and try to use it... it should move a little bit and then stop... wait another ~20 seconds and the same should happen. Please let me know if the above happens to you or not (but note that it should only happen for the XPS 15z which is the one with the Cypress TrackPad).


  • I have the same problem. It's driving me nuts. This laptop is less than 2 weeks old.

    Please, Dell, help!



  • According to the above thread, a lot of people seem to be having the same and additional problems with the trackpad:


  • Chiming in.... I came across this thread while searching for a solution for this problem.... it is really really annoying. Dell must fix this problem!

  • I bought two of these and I am ready to return them since this problem that you mention is hindering my work and I was actually lied to by the Dell salesperson on the phone.  He said, oh, yes there is a button on the side to turn off the touchpad.  But even if there is not such a button, I have done exactly what you have done and find it unbearable.

  • The button on the side is a battery tester. You can't expect much from a sales person I guess. As far as I can tell, there is no way to disable the touchpad. I have researched it pretty hard - hopefully Dell answers our questions. They have not responded to any of my support emails yet. Sad - and I bought the uber-warranty and support contract.

  • I've also only had problems since I got this model.  

    Asfer, the issue is as you describe.  It's taking me all my patience to write this message.  The only "indirect" solution is to have mouse arrow in a location where a "ghost click" won't affect your typing.  What an incredibly annoying bug.  I'm very close to saying I regret getting this model.

    The frustrating thing is, even if you fully disable the trackpad it still has the same issue, just less frequently.

    Viewers of this post: if you don't have a Dell forum account, PLEASE register and log your complaint here as well !!!  I know we aren't the only ones!

  • I have the same trackpad issue.  Have had the computer for 5 weeks and I am getting seriously annoyed with the jumpy "cursor on crack."

    I'm new to this forum...and I am looking for a thread about the chrome edge around the perimeter of the machine.  Who in Dell designed a (re)movable, glued on,plastic, painted chrome edge?  Everyone slides their laptop in a bag/backpack...the outer edge of a laptop is the point that receives the most contact with computer bags, tables, walls, etc.  Why would Dell put the cheapest piece of the entire machine around the most banged up area of the laptop?!?!!  Mine is unglued + some of the chrome paint has worn/chipped away...and I've only had it for 5 weeks!...and handle my laptop with kid gloves!  I recognize it does not hinder the machine's performance, but it's nevertheless unacceptable for this level and price of a machine.

    Anyone else with this issue?

  • I have this issue as well. This problem is as if something is periodically triggering the trackpad.

    Yesterday, my trackpad behaved as if there was a permanent finger holding it down. For instance, trying to move the mouse down resulted in scrolling down, moving left and right resulted in zooming in/out. After several hours, the problem went away.

    I called support, spent 90 minutes on the phone, tand they ordered for a tech to replace my trackpad. I'll probably cancel since the problem went away. But, I think the issue described could be related tot he problem that wasted 90 minutes and disabled my trackpad for several hours.

  • Same problem here. The trackpad is annoying to use, and frequently switched focus. (Replacing McAfee with Norton fixed the lost-focus problem.) But the problem BadgerP describes is the worst. Wish me luck calling support. I think this might not be a keeper.

  • Yup!  Having the exact same issue with the track pad.  Typing is a nightmare on the 15z as the cursor jumps randomly backwards on whatever line I'm typing.  The pad will randomly open the right drop-down menu on whatever area of the screen I'm on.  This can happen by just having my palm near the track pad or will even happen when I click on the left track pad button!  

    The laptop has been barely useable because of this.  Short of connecting an external mouse & keyboard, I'm out of options.  The Cypress pad is NOT ready for prime time!  

    Total buzz kill on what should otherwise be a viable alternative to a MacBook Pro 15.  

  • I am a long time Dell customer and this is a third laptop of mine (personal use). This problem is really frustrating and I hate when Dell does nothing about it.

  • Same problem on my 15z --  the multi-touch is usless - super laggy, takes multiple tries to get it to do anything, can't decide  it if wants to zoom or scroll, thought I could just turn it off and use a mouse but it won't stay off, randomly turns itself back on every few seconds for a couple seconds, then back off.

  • I can only conjecture, but I think that the reason Dell does nothing about this problem is that they do not want to grow this laptop's sales.  Why?  Because Apple has caused a shortage of aluminum case manufacturing and Dell cannot obtain enough deliveries.  It, at least, makes sense.