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XPS 15Z trackpad never really shut down when using usb mouse


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XPS 15Z trackpad never really shut down when using usb mouse

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i'm using either a usb or bluetooth mouse with my new XPS 15z, and i'm  getting tired of a problem...


the trackpad is impossible to shut down for good... i mean: indeed you can  disable it, turn it off, and even tell it to turn off when usb mouse is plugged, but it never really does, it always, always, always stays on for a second before shutting down...

in other words: my trackpad is disabled, both buttons and touch, and i use a bluetooth mouse. but even it is disabled, if i pass my fingers on it, the cursor moves for 1cm before shutting down... then i wait 2 minutes, and i pass my fingers on it again, and then again the cursor moves 1 cm before stopping moving.

so it is never really shut down, with the consequence i never can type text without my hand touching it and putting the cursor somewhere in the page and i have to put the cursor back to where it was,   

for example it happend 5 times when typing this very text....

please help


PS: i have updated the cypress trackpad drivers to last up to date version...

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  • ps: when i said   "it always, always, always stays on for a second before shutting down..."   i meant it re-enables itself everytime...  so i turn it off,   the red cross appears on the icon in the systray, but if i touch it, it's on for a second before turning itself off.... then wait 1 minute, an tadaaaam it's on again and if you hit it it stays on for a second before turning itself off.... that always with the red cross staying on in the systray, so it "tells you" it's turned off,  but it's not...

  • You shouldn't have to do this considering the high outlay for a new computer. In fact nobody should be putting up with these issues. Here we are in a Dell sponsored forum and the only people missing are.....?  Can someone from Dell please stand up?

  • A new Cypress Semiconductor Touchpad driver has been released on the 21st.  It can be found here


    Have any of you tried it and if so was it of any help?


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  • already isntalled...  nothing changed...

  • Same problem here!!!

    If the "Disable TrackPad when  external USB mouse is present" is selected, or even if the "disable" option in the trackpad settings is checked, the trackpad is never completely disabled.

    Every 10 seconds or so, the trackpad comes back to life for a very short time before being disabled again. At first I thought I could live with it but after a couple of days of usage I can tell you it is a nightmare having the windows jumping randomly when my thumbs touch the trackpad while typing.

    I'm seriously considering using an external keyboard until this problem gets fixed. This problem is really annoying and it is spoiling my experience with what otherwise is an excellent laptop.


  • still waiting for a correct driver,

    PLEASE I CAN'T STAND THIS ANYMORE ! i work 8 hours a day on that laptop, and can't stop hitting this trackpad !


  • Same problem with the Cypress Tracpad here on the new XPS 15z.  The trackpad is not completely disabled even with the "Disable TrackPad when external USB mouse is present" box checked off.  I could run my finger along the edges of the TrackPad, and the cursor will move freely.  This is causing typing a tremendous pain.

    In addition, when using the TrackPad with the external mouse removed (while the Disable TracPad with external mouse option remains checked), the cursor will move for a second then freeze up.  Something is definitely wrong with the TrackPad.  Hope to have a solution soon.

  • Also have this issue using the latest version of the trackpad driver.

    The trackpad is still movable in the horizontal and vertical areas of the single finger scroll zone, not in the rest however unless you try to scroll and the mouse pointer changes to that scrolling icon which you can then move the mouse anywhere.

  • 1. Try disabling the drivers for the trackpad hardware

    2. Press CTRL+SHIFT+ESC and stop the trackpad processes. There are two, both starting with the letters CY.

  • disabling it is not possible, as the "disable" button is greyed out..

    while i will give the task manager a try.


    and indeed, how could dell release this notebook with a trackpad working that bad? did noone ever test it? please relase drivers that correct the touch problem so we can definitly disable it, and also that corrects the bug that prevents the laptop from going to sleep mode when the multigesture stuff loads at startup !

  • i tried stopping the cypress task... and oh god, it's even worse, the trackpad is now completely re enabled...  what a mess...

  • Dell, this is clearly a wide spread problem.  I am having the same issues described in the string above.

    Someone from Technical Support needs to post a solution.  Otherwise this is meaningless group therapy

    My Wife has stopped using the laptop because of this.  Please advise soonest.

  • Terry B.,

    I am using the latest driver (, A03) that your hyperlink points to above.  It does not fix the problem.

    I've also attempted to use the "Run" and then "Main.cpl" command to disable the touch pad.  When I do this it only becomes disabled in the very center of the touchpad.  When you place your finger near the edges of the pad the pointer begins to move and the touchpad becomes fully functional again.

    We need a resolution on this.  The touch pad is so erratic I'm having difficulty typing this entry.  Looking forward to your reply.

  • I have exactly the same problem. I also tried disabling the trackpad with no success. This laptop replaced my wife's XPS M1530. I gave the M1530 to my son and his wife but now my wife wants her old laptop back. This 15z is a very nice looking laptop but this cursor issue is making life extremely miserable.

  • Anyone from Dell around?