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Cannot install Nvidia drivers on Dell XPS 15 L502X


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Cannot install Nvidia drivers on Dell XPS 15 L502X

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Hi I got a new Dell XPS 15 L502x with Nvidia 540M, I downloaded the driver from the dell site but when I try to install it the installer tells me that no compatible hardware was found? Any solution for this? I only have the Intel graphics installed at the moment.

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  • I managed to get the 268.30 version installed automatically, but there is a newer version 275.33 available, can I install that?

  • PCI Devices will not enumerate properly without CHIPSET drivers installed first.

    Newer Nvidia Drivers Need the JUNE 2010 Directx 9.0c Patch installed BEFORE the video drivers.


    Download details: DirectX End-User Runtimes (June 2010)

    • Supported Operating Systems:Windows 7;Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1;Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 2;Windows Server 2008;Windows Vista;Windows XP Service Pack 2;Windows XP Service Pack 3

    Only use WHQL Certified Drivers.  Also the 540m is not on all models so installing drivers for a laptop that does not have the GPU will fail for obvious reasons.  The 275.33 WHQL Verde driver is the one you should be installing.

    This is the first WHQL-certified release from the Release 275 family of drivers (versions 275.xx to 279.xx). You can read more about this family of drivers on

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