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AC Adapter Power or Battery Wont Charge


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AC Adapter Power or Battery Wont Charge

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Inspiron 6000 wont charge battery / nor does it recognize AC Adapter. Replace ADAPTER on motherboard but still will not recognize does anyone have ?

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  • Battery will NEVER charge if the Adaptor says Unknown.

    Must be Genuine DELL adaptor.

    Battery can be bad and not charge.

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  • I'm having the exact same problem with my Inspiron m5030.

    It has the original adapter and battery but its still saying the adapter is UNKNOWN.

    It's been trying to reject the adapter for a little while but its still been charging the battery up until a few days ago, its literally one month out of warranty so contacting customer support wasn't allowed and I was directed here.

    I have conducted all the tests suggested on the dell website and it says the battery is fine, the adapter is clearly working because I'm currently using my laptop with the battery taken out and the adapter powering it so I'm at a loss as to what the problem is.

    The price for a new battery and ac adapter is ludicrous anyway but I'm certainly not going to be buying new ones when the help topics needed to test them say they are both working fine.

    I also updated my BIOS but both times I opened the downloads it blue screened my laptop and shut it down.

    I would keep it plugged in whenever I wanted to use the laptop but because the battery isn't charging Windows is slowed down to compensate for it and that's not very helpful.

    If anyone knows of any other reasons why the battery isn't charging then I'll be happy to listen and attempt to fix the problem myself.

  • If you believe that the battery and the AC adapter are both still "good", then the motherboard is bad. No other conclusion.

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  • I have a dell studio 1555 and replaced the battery, months ago i would sometimes get messages that my ac adapter could not be recognized, but i would just unplug it and plug it back in and it would be fine, but a few months ago my battery wore out, so i just no replaced it but it will not charge now. I checked the BIOS and it says "None" for ac type. I tried updating my BIOS but was unable due to it saying I don't have an ac adapter . My computer works fine though while plug in to the ac adapter. Any ideas how to fix this? or is this a mother board issue? Should I just use my laptop until it totally goes belly up, then buy a new one? All suggestions greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

  • Try a new adapter first.  If that doesn't solve the problem, the mainboard needs repair or replacement.

  • I have used GENUINE PA-3E 90W  ADAPTER DELL For INSPIRON M5030.   However  I did not like how hot it got.

    So I always use 19.5V 7.7A 150W AC Adapter Power Charger for Dell PA-15 chargers for all my dells.

    Compatible Part numbers:

    Dell Part# 330-5830

    PA-15, 310-4180, 310-6580, 310-7848, 310-7849, 310-8275, 310-8537, 320-2746,

    330-1829, 330-1830, 9Y819, D1078, D1404, D232H, D2746, FC892, K5294, N3834,

    N3838, PA-1131-02D, PA-1151-06D, PA-1151-06D2, PH298, TC887, TC912, W1828,

    W7758, X408G, X7329, X9366,ADP-150EB, AP11, D1404,  ADP150EB

    Or if its a 17 Inch LAPTOP

    240-Watt 3-Prong Additional AC Adapter with 6 ft Power Cord for Dell Alienware M17x/ M17x R3/ M18X Laptops / Precision M6500/ M6600 Mobile WorkStations
    Usually Ships Within 24 Hours
    Manufacturer Part# Y044M
    Dell Part# 330-4342
    Cables Included: 1 x power cable - external - 6 ft

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    The forum is primarily user to user, with Dell employees moderating
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  • Quick question I bought an universal battery for my Inspiron 1545, battery works fine but now that I plugged in the adapter the laptop does not recognize I need a new adapter or is it the battery? any help much appreciated!!