Hi everybody,

In fact, I have posted this thread but it messing with other problems so I think I'm going to make new topic.

I plugged my external drive and everything works fine (also try the flash drive)

And I click Safely Remove Hardware on the taskbar after finish using it...

But when I Safely Remove Hardware on taskbar it has yellow exclamation mark in Device Manager and Devices and Printers(start>Devices and Printers) as well. The problem is the light of external drive isn't gone, so I scare of drive damaging.

My last topic have recieved one solution which is "buy new usb hub", but I don't think it's about usb hub because when I tried plug in flash drive and safely remove, it is also same exactly external drive. But when I used eject from Computer (Start>Computer>[right click at flash drive]> eject) it doesn't show the yellow exclamation in Device Manager. So do anyone know how to solve this?