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Dell Inspiron 1501 USB Ports

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I have an inspiron that is about 4 years old. In November, the disc drive broke so I bought an external drive. Now, none of the USB ports work. I am looking to get a new computer in the near future, but is there any way to temporarily fix the usb ports so I can get my files off?

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  • I suspect that your external USB DVD drive is power hungry and require an external power supply or 2 USB ports to work.


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  • jl25,




    Go to device manager(right click my computer, left click properties, left click hardware, left click device manager)

    Go to the USB Controller section and click the + sign.

    Starting at the bottom, USB Root Hubs, and working your way to the top, USB Universal Controllers, un-install everything in that section.

    Restart your computer. Windows will find everything again and correct the problem one. Please be patient. The new hardware wizard may work 3-5 minutes before it's done.





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  • PudgyOne-

    I tried that and it did not work :(

    When I plug anything (ipod, printer, flash drives) in any of the 4 usb ports, the computer will not recongnize it.

  • Try reinstalling the chipset driver and then rebooting.

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