Dell N4110 with AMD RADEON HD 6630M GPU problem


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Dell N4110 with AMD RADEON HD 6630M GPU problem

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dear all,


i have new Inspiron N4110 with 2 graphic card inside (Intel hd 3000 and AMD Radeon HD 6630M). but after i install windows and the driver, i found a problem with those 2 card.

on CCC (Catalyst Control Center) application, its only detect Intel GPU, It doesn't detect the AMD Radeon HD 6630M. So does on DXDIAG display adapter. Even when i change into High-Performance GPU setting on CCC, its still the same (only detect Intel GPU on CCC and DXDIAG)

I fell it was a problem cause on my friend's laptop with 2 graphic card (Intel and AMD HD 5650), CCC and DXDIAG display different with mine.

1.  when its set to Power-Saving GPU (setting on CCC), It will be Intel on DXDIAG display adapter and on CCC there only Intel graphic option available.

2. and then when its set to High-Performance GPU, its become AMD Radeon HD 5650 on DXDIAG display adapter and there was "2 graphic card" listed on CCC (intel and AMD Radeon HD 5650M)


My question is

why does my CCC doesn't work the same way with my friends laptop?

why does on my Ins N4110 doesn't detect AMD Radeon HD 6630M on DXDIAG and detect 2 graphic card on CCC (its still only intel graphic option that available) when i set it to High-Performance GPU?


any hellpfull answer plis?


this is my Ins N4110 :

Ins N4110 i5-2410M , 4GB RAM, AMD Radeon HD 6630M 1GB, 600GB HDD.

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  • Dear Mr Terry,

    I've aleady reinstall my N4110 in to Widows 64-Bit, and the GPU problems seems to be fixed. So maybe we don't have to think about this problem anymore.

    If u want to know, here is my story about reinstalling my Windows into 64-Bit and fixed GPU problem.

    1.) I rent a Windows 7 64-Bit, it says it's compatible with Dell series laptop. Its a copy and not a genuine one. I format my System Disk ( C: ), and install a fresh windows on it.

    2.) After finished installing a fresh windows 7, i check my Device Manager, and some of Device has already installed including the "Unknown Device" or as we know it recently as "PCI Simple Communication Controller".  Right here i'm glad, the Windows 7 DVD that i rent has include some of Dell driver, especially "PCI Simple Communication Controller" driver (this driver make me confuse, because when i reinstall all driver, its always occured problem when install it ). But there was some Device that hasn't installed yet and i think it's need to be updated.

    3.) So the next step is installing the remain driver. I've already download all driver software from Dell Driver & Download which is compatible for N4110 with Windows 64-Bit, and i don't know which one should i install to complete driver installation. Right here, i choose to install it all Smile, is that a problem?

    There was several time i find an error code when installing all the driver, i'm ignored it as long my Device Manager indicate that my device has installed. Then I can complete install all my device driver.

    4.) I checked my Display Properties, DXDIAG, CCC, and Intel HD Graphic software, its same as before. Option, Configuration, Feature, System Tray, its all same. And again its only shows Intel HD Graphics hardware. OMG...

    5.) Then, install 3D Game, NFS Hot Pursuit. Here i see the different :

    - I let it run as "Not Assigned" on CCC (On the configuration its only shows Intel HD Graphics as Display adapter, also on DXDIAG). Its run poorly. I set the graphic option on Intel HD Graphics system tray in to "Performance" preset, its working. The game run more softly, since the graphic i lowered, the game run with more "Performance". The Intel HD Gaphics 3000 seems work find.

    - I close the game, open my CCC, i set the nfs.exe in to "High Performance" (On the configuration its still only shows Intel HD Graphics as Display adapter, also on DXDIAG) .....But this is where i feel my problem has no more exist. I run the game, and it's abseloutly very very different on the game graphic and performance.Its boost the graphics quality and performance. I can say the that between the "Power Saving" and "High Performance" on switchable graphic option on CCC is finnaly working. And i can say the difference is abseloutly huge for the Graphic Quality and Graphic Performance.


    So from this, i know that my 2 GPU Card has working, and how CCC manage beetwen Intel HD Graphic and AMD Radeon 6630 on the 3D game ;

    -"Power Saving"---->i think its use Intel HD grapich cause its run poorly, i can set the graphic option for the game from Intel HD Display Properties, or from Intel HD Graphic System Tray

    -"High Performance"----->here i think its use AMD Radeon TM HD 6630M, its run with boost Quality and Performance a lot better than "Power Saving". i can set the graphic option for the game from CCC on Gaming Tab, or from CCC System Tray--->3D option.

               NOTE : Whatever, is it  "Power Saving" or "High Performance" setting on CCC i use, on the DXDIAG and on NFS Hot Pursuit game configuration, its only shows Intel HD Graphic as Display Adapter.


    What do you think about it Mr Terry?


  • Mr Terry,

    I'm sorry if i miss-understanding about how does my 2 GPU work. The one thing that make me confuse was the "Catalyst Control Centre" tray icon.

    On CCC tray icon its shows "Mobile Intel HD Graphics" on display adapter list. Its make miss-understanding for whom who is looking for AMD configuration, thats why i cant see any AMD confiuration on CCC for the first time.

    The 3D configuration on CCC tray icon is more likely to configurate or manipulate graphics performance and quality when CCC sets to "High Performance"  So, its should be "AMD Graphics", "AMD Radeon" or "High Performance Graphic" or anything else to make people easier to see that AMD GPU is working and easier to look the AMD Configuration. I think its for the software provider problem only hehehe.

    Anyway, the fact was the Dual GPU on N4110 series is, yes it is WORKING.

    Thank you for all of your participate to help me on my problem, thanks to keep following me on this thread.



    CASE CLOSSED!!!!!!

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  • pliss help me TT.....

  • Did you install drivers in the correct order?

  • When you right click on the Catalyst Control Center system tray icon what options do you have to click on?

  • @ejn63----->i receive my laptop include with OS, and then the technician in my Dell Store install windows 7 32-bit and the driver already. but when i use it for the first time, i figgure that my Video Adapter doesn't work correctly cause my catalyst control center didn't show the AMD Radeon HD 6630M...its only detect Intel GPU. Meanwhile, when i check on Device Manager, the AMD Radeon HD 6630M already exist on Display Adapter Device...

    @DELL-Terry B------>When i click on Catalyst Control Center system tray icon, there is a lot option, and an option that shows my Display Card list. On the list there was only shows Intel graphic card option. Even i change into High performance its still only shows Intel graphic on the list

  • Then I think ejn32 is on the right track if you manually installed Windows on the system it is likely that all the drivers was not installed, or installed in the right order.  The question I have is why install the 32 bit version of Windows 7? With the memory of the video card and your system memory you are likely reducing the functionally of the system by doing so.  You may wish to reconsider installing the 64 bit version.

    If you need more info for reinstalling Windows here is the link to the document that enj63 mentioned.

    These are the order the drivers should be installed.

    Desktop System Software (DSS) or Notebook System Software (NSS) - A vital utility that provides critical updates and patches for the operating system. If you are reinstalling the operating system or updating all the computer’s drivers, it is imperative that this software be installed first. Currently, the DSS and NSS are not required for systems with Windows Vista installed. This is located under the System and Configuration Utilities Category on the Drivers and Downloads page.

    Chipset - Helps Windows control system board components and controllers. This is located under the Chipset Category on the Drivers and Downloads page.

    Video Adapter - Enhances video performance. This is located under the Video Adapter Category on the Drivers and Downloads page.

    Network Interface Card (NIC) - Enhances the network controller for Internet or network access. This is located under the Network Category on the Drivers and Downloads page.

    Audio Adapter - Enables and enhances the audio controller. This is located under the Audio Category on the Drivers and Downloads page.

    Modem - Allows dialup capability. This is located under the Communication Category on the Drivers and Downloads page.

    Wireless Network Card - Enables and enhances the wireless network controller. This is located under the Network Category on the Drivers and Downloads page.

    Touchpad, Pointer, Trackstick, Mice, and Keyboards - Enhances the pointing device features. This is located under the Mouse & Keyboards Category on the Drivers and Downloads page.

    Other Devices  

    Bluetooth® Module

    Dell Wireless Mobile Broadband Cards .

    PCMCIA/Smartcard controller


  • Sorry if to late, this is the picture on CCC system tray icon :

    As u can see, there was only 1 graphic card that on my CCC list, Intel Mobile(R) HD Graphics.


    And i use TuneUp Utilities to check my Graphic Card information, its shows like bellow :


    On the Device Information that i've zoom in, Chipset shows "Unknown" only. Is that what my really main problem here?


    For the driver, i've dowloaded all driver sofware for my Laptop series from Dell Support. On the Filter Option---->Operating System, there was only shows "BIOS" and "Wndows 7 64-Bit". Does that mean Windows 7 32-Bit not compatible for my laptop series? Is there any difference beetwen 64-it driver and 32-bit driver?

    Anyway thanks for advice, maybe i'll try to reinstall my windows in to 64 Bit Windows 7. and i'll tell u if my problem have fixed or not, so pliss keep follow this discussion. Sorry if my english bad.

  • Dear Terry B, thanks to u for keep following my discussion.

    I've configured out now that there was 1 device that do not installed correctly.On the device manager, there was 1 device that marked with "?", and its show "unknown device". here is some picture of it.

    And the poperties of the device is bellow :


    What device categories is that?is that effect to my Graphic Card AMD Radeon HD 6630 as well?


    What driver should i use to reinstall the device?is it Notebook System Software (NSS), Chipset, Video Adapter, or else?


    thanks before, and pliss help me for this troubleshoot.

  • My N4110 is on 64bit and i have the same issue as Bambang. What is the actual problem here? This has limited the chances of me utilizing the AMD radeon 6630M display that i have.

  • Bambang

    From the looks the unidentified device is an Intel device and unlikely the video adapter.  What devices are shown under display?

    Bambang and KH Chuah

    The way switchable graphics works is only one video card will be active at a time. When you bring up the right click on the CCC system tray icon click on Switchable graphics and what options do you have there?


  • Hi Terry, 

    this is what i have. Looks like its not detecting the AMD Radeon? 


  • Right click on the CCC system tray icon, click "Configure Switchable Graphics" and what options do you have from that menu?

  • Hi Terry, this is what i have. 

  • dear Terry,

    on Device Manager, the device bellow "Display" is like this =

             --->AMD Radeon TM HD 6630M

             --->Intel HD 3000

    i think its likely my device driver has been installed already, cause its recognized the hardware name.


    And this is was look like on CCC system tray icon, its the same as on KH Chuah pict....

    Right click on systray =

    Open "Configure Switchable Graphics" =


    What do you think about this?

  • Looks good, so you select a program from the list and if you want to use the AMD video solution click High Performance.  The ATI card will only work for those applications that you actually configure for high performance.

    If you don't see an application on the list and you would like to set it for high performance it gives you a browse button to search for the applications so that you can add them to the list.

    One thing to check is the Information tag in CCC.  There should be a hardware link. Click it , what GPUs are listed there?  You can also click the system information button. Click on components and then click Display and should have information on the GPUs there.

    Please understand that the system will default to the INTEL GPU unless you tell it to do otherwise.  All basic Windows functions will fall under the Intel GPU.

    With this being said, CCC will always show the INTEL GPU unless you go in and choose to run CCC under high performance.


  • Terry,

    "One thing to check is the Information tag in CCC.  There should be a hardware link. Click it , what GPUs are listed there?  You can also click the system information button. Click on components and then click Display and should have information on the GPUs there."

    I'm affraid its my main problem, there isn't any tag in CCC. Here is pict of any tab of my CCC, and trust me, i DOWNLOAD IT FROM DELL SITE DRIVERS & DOWNLOADS.

    Pict 1, on Advance Display Setting.

    Pict 2, on Video Setting

    Pict 3, AMD Video Converter

    Pict 4, 3D Aplication Setting. When I change option bellow it, its change the same way with option on Intel Graphic Properties.

    Pict 5, PowerPlay option

    Pict 6, on Switchable Graphic