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XPS 17 NEW adapter plug loose and falls out?!?!


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XPS 17 NEW adapter plug loose and falls out?!?!

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Recently purchased the XPS 17 laptop, and first thing I noticed when I plugged in the adapter is that there is entirely too much play, it flops down and has fallen out quite a few times already.  Have several other DELL laptops and those are still nice and tight even after years of use~ did they give me the wrong one??  I see no reason why a brand new plug/laptop should be this loose?


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  • There is a simple resolution. Dell has not provided the @malkboy explanation to it phone support, engineering, tech, Terry_B or its partners.

    Dell has not made an official statement regadring the design, the problem or a fix. Until then we can assume its a problem because we the customers don't like it.

    @melkboy - were it the case that this is the design to prevent the cost of replacing a motherboard, etc., then Dell should so say. As it is Dell has burdened the cost of replacing my XPS17 2x, sending me an XPS 15, providing a daughterboard repalcement, 3x a new powercord and my loyalty and business. I have BEGGED to peak to someone with knowledge and no one has come forward to make your explanation.

    @Terry_B has provided the best communication and there has been no communication from him to this effect.

    Its a bad design, Dell's intent was not to prevent damage from tripping. Dell is running away from its customers and this problem.

  • IDamian

    4 year old XPS 17 on 3rd motherboard, 1 daughterboard, and 3rd time having it "fixed" , I have 3 days left on my warranty and it still falls out. Complained and now I am at the end of my rope. Easily falls out 10-15 times a day. Sitting on one pillow of my couch with the laptop on the next pillow makes it fall out. Holding the laptop level and typing makes it fall out. Etc etc. I wish I could offer a suggestion. I even tried taping it, which was simply a mess

    What fall out? Your motherboard, daughterboard or the DC Jack? If you're referring to the 'Jack' problem, then there is a fix on ebay. Search for 'Dell xps 17 loose jack fix'. It is the only remedy and many seemed to be happy with the permanent fix.

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  • The plugs are loose this way when jerked from the side and the plastic is broken.

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  • Hi,

    Welcome to the Community. You may have to have the motherboard repalced. Contact Dell technical suppor in your region as your under warranty.

    Thank you


  • If "recently" is less than 21 days from shipment, have the system replaced entirely - you have that right.

  • it's brand new and was like this the day I first plugged the Adapter in~ nothing around it is broken...the plug just doesn't fit as it should.

  • delivery was on May 18th, didn't unpack until later on~ and then didn't actually use it or set it up right away... then, came online to see if I could find out anything on it.  I have seen other posts from new owners that mention the same thing...but, last time I checked no one had replied to that post.

  • Can you tell me the fastest way to do that...seems that when I go to find help or contact info I end up going in circles, which is why I finally came here to post.


  • Which Country did you purchase the system from


  • The U.S. I assume, I bought it here on this site.

  • Call 1-800-624-9896, and punch in your Express service Code, which is on a sticker at the bottom of your laptop, to be routed to the XPS dept, or you can call on 1-866-566-2055.

    Thank you


  • Mine still does so after 3 AC adapter replacements and one motherboard replacement.  Never had this problem with any other Dell laptop I've had, and I've had 5 - including one with the same AC adapter.

  • I have exactly the same problem.  The fit of the plug into the computer is loose.  In addition, the cord from the computer to the adapter is unusually thick and stiff, putting additional tension on the plug.  When I move or even slightly shift the computer I have to hold the plug into the back to prevent it from falling out.

    Surprising to get this sort of simple malfunction from a mature company.  

  • All computers have a % of total produced machines being duds.  Regardless of when it was purchased, you're likely still under warranty.  How about owners doing as the Dell rep suggested,  twice,  and stop complaining?

  • I payed 1700 dollars for my laptop and the power adapter should not continuously fall out.  Dell needs to fix it, and as others stated replacing the adapter/motherboard is not a solution.  It is a design flaw.

  • Not the first time I have heard that issue, we have had 6 Dell  Laptops, and that was always an issue, but not when they were new.


  • As I posted earlier, this is my 5th Dell laptop and no other ones have had this issue.  Dell has sent techs out three times now and have replaced the AC adapters, the motherboard, the daughterboard, WAN card, the DVD drive (failed after 5 months), and just the other day the little plug the AC adapter plugs into and bottom plastics.  An hour after the tech left, the plug fell completely out again and later the same night it worked it's way out to where I got a "not charging" message.

    Dell has been wonderful and they have offered a system replacement if the latest service call did not fix the problem.  Everything has been replaced on this laptop except the screen so I don't see where a system replacement will help.  As DRHODESUMR said, it's a design flaw.

    Yes, we could "deal" by pushing the plug back in continuously or running on battery, but I shouldn't have to compromise on a $1,500 laptop that is not yet a year old.