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Dell Inspiron 1520 wifi not working,


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Dell Inspiron 1520 wifi not working,

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Wi-Fi is not working in my dell inspiron 1520, and my laptop does not show any wifi network in the vicinity.

I have Dell Inspirion 1520 that came with windows vista, but I upgraded it to windows 7 ultimate edition.

I am not sure if that's the reason but the problem is that My Wi-Fi is not working. Wifi device is not getting recognized by the BIOS, it says w-fi device = {none}.

I don't wish to go back to Vista and not sure if it will work on vista or not, as wifi is also not recognizing networks in "Ubuntu".

I am sure my laptop had wifi connection earlier. 

Its been long and I have tried everything that I could read on the web. And I almost gave all the hope.

I am also not sure if my WLAN adapter has stopped working. I have tried all the drivers for XP, VISTA, windows 7 in a desperate attempt to repair it. But nothing worked. Super Angry 

Please help,


Sanjiv Kumar

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  • sam856


    wifi is also not recognizing networks in "Ubuntu".

    Wifi doesn't always work out-of-the-box for Linux.


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  • Thanks for the prompt response.

    Is there's any sure way of finding if my WLAN card is working or not.

    I did try your suggestions, but over the current installation of windows 7, however, I would soon try with the fresh installation with the recommended sequence. I have also read that there's problem with wi-fi in Dell with windows 7 if its not preinstalled.

  • when we lose wifi on 1520 try ethernet cable to hub and rebot.  If you get your network, then unplug cable and try to connect via wifi. If this doesn't work but you have a network via cable  , go through a full wifi set up

  • Ethernet works fine in my laptop, I can access net through the cable, and I did try to reboot many times with and without Ethernet cable plugged in.

    No network is detected from wi-fi, moreover the device is not recognized in BIOS, I am afraid WLAN card may not be working, just need a way to confirm it before putting money in it.  

    How to I go about the "go through a full wifi set up". I tried almost everything that I have read from all the forums.