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Inspiron 1520 Win XP installation problem


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Inspiron 1520 Win XP installation problem

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I bought a Inspiron 1520 several years ago.  Originally Win Vista is installed.  With these several years, I found the startup process of the machine is very very slow.  It takes 15 mins to complete the startup process.  I decided to change another OS.   It seems Win 7 is not compatible with Inspiron 1520, so I want to install Win XP.

I want to do clean installation.  Actually the steps and process are very simple and easy.  But this time in Inspiron 1520, after all necessary driers of the Win XP startup disc has been loaded, it asks me fo ENTER to continue or F3 to recover.  After I press ENTER the Win XP installation says cannot find any hard drive and cannot continue to install.

Appreciate someone can advise a solution.

Many thanks

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  • Go into the BIOS setup (f2 at powerup) and change the setting for the hard drive from AHCI to ATA-compatible.

    Save and restart the XP installation.

  • Thanks and I will try.

    Please kindly advise is it true that Inspiron 1520 is not compatiable with Windows 7?

  • I am presently running win7 32 bit on my 1520.

  • Does your 1520 come with Win 7?   I checked the download sites that not all devices have Win 7 version.  For example, video driver or audio driver  ...

    Please advise where do you get all these drivers.

  • You Can get the Drivers of the device from the respective Manufacturers Website..

  • My 1520 came with vista.

    I got all my win 7 drivers off the dell site by looking at other models with the same hardware. For specific win 7 drivers that weren't available, I used the vista driver.

  • running windows 7 ultimate 64 bit on the dell1520, no issues what so ever. all drivers and equipment works properly. also using adobe master collection CS5.5 64 bit without issues. all software is the latest and greatest and not having any issues, this is the most stable system i have had in years. the chip was overheating but put new paste and a cooling pad and issue seems to be resolved. but i have laptop running 24/7/365 so i do shut if off every so often and let cool down. running great since 2007