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I have a Dell PP39L laptop that won't power on.  I removed and reseeded the battery and it still didn't power up.  The batter shows full charge.  I removed the battery and connected to AC power and still no luck.  I noticed a little white light comes on for just a second when I plug in the power cord and then goes out.  Any ideas on what my issue might be?

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  • If the LED on the adapter comes on, but goes out BEFORE you connect the notebook end, the adapter is bad.  

    If the LED comes on before you connect the notebook but goes out when you connect the notebook end, it's the mainboard or power jack in the notebook that's bad.

  • I'm having a similiar problem with a friends Dell PP39L laptop. The LED on the Charger will be on when plugged into an outlet and after plugging into the dell computer. The LED on the Dell computer comes on after being plugged it.

    When I try to turn on the laptop there is nothing, not even a sound.

    I've always tried different combinations with taking out the laptop battery and plugging it in. Still nothing.

    Any ideas?

  • The mainboard in the notebook is faulty.

  • My PP39L behaves the same but the cause is more obvious.

    The power switch is integrated into the hinge and the hinge is not healthy.  It's been falling apart for a while.  The display and keyboard halves are sort of mis-aligned and not pivoting properly.  The little plastic flap covering the side of the display and end of the hinge on the non-power-switch side came loose a while ago and I was continually popping it back into place.  Finally the little flap on the power switch side came loose and I believe the little wire that connects the power switch to the motherboard has come loose. 

    This has to be one of the worst designs for a power switch location in history.  It has to at least make the top 10.  So now I'm wondering who can fix this in such a way that it doesn't recur.