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Dell Inspiron 1525 battery not charging


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Dell Inspiron 1525 battery not charging

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I have a DELL Inspiron 1525 and I have been using it for 3 years. Recently my battery is showing 'Plugged in,not charging' . What is the cause of this?

Is it a problem with my adapter or the battery? My power cord of my charger is kind of frayed so can this be the reason? will replacing my charger solve the problem? pls help.


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  • Riasaraf,

    A frayed power cord is not good, but replacing the charger will not solve your problem.  Laptop batteries are good for about 500 discharge/charge cycles, so your battery might need replacing.  The battery pack has an internal microchip that communicates with the laptop's circuitry.  It could be that the microchip has failed or it could be that your power connector is broken internally and cannot charge the battery .  If you install another battery and get the same message, then the power connector is probably broken or defective.  If you remove the battery and press the test button, does it indicate the battery is charged? 


  • I checked BIOS at startup and it showed that the Adapter cannot be identified? Is the problem still with the battery or with the charger?

  • It's one of three things - the adapter, the power board or the mainboard.  Start with the adapter - a new Dell adapter is about $35.  The power board is $100 and the mainboard $200+, so the adapter is the first thing to try replacing.


  • Riasaraf,

    I agree with EJN63.  Replace the adapter first.  Be sure it is a Dell adapter.  The fact that the BIOS can't identify it indicates the system doesn't "see" the PID (Power ID) signal from the charger. 


  • I have the same problem, "power connected, not charging".  Bought a new battery and swapped with an identical Dell power unit to no avail.  Is there some connection that can come loose inside or a problem with an internal board? 

    Since it is 3 years old and works fine plugged in, it isn't worth spending any more to fix.

  • If the adapter didn't solve the problem, either the DC jack is bad:

    Or the mainboard is bad.

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  • Dwadler,

    Yes, there is a part that can become defective.  It's the power jack.  The jack is very much like a stereo phone jack.  When no plug is inserted, it passes power from the battery to the motherboard.  When the plug is inserted, it supplies power to the motherboard and to the battery charging circuit.  As I mentionned in an earlier post, the battery has an internal microcircuit that regulates charging the battery and communicates with the motherboard as to the battery's state of charge.  Since you have tried both another battery and charging adapter, it is almost  a given that the power connector is broken.  this can be caused by a cracked jack or a loose solder joint where the power connector attaches to the motherboard.  Since replacing the power connector requires complete disassembly of the laptop in most cases, this should be done by someone who is skilled at desoldering and soldering sensitive electronic circuits.  A grounded soldiering iron and desoldering iron are necessities for this type of work.

    Hope this info helps.


  • Hello, I am having the same problem.  A frayed power cable MAY be the answer but I would not be willing to bet money on it.  I have replaced the charger, replaced the battery, tried to ever-so-slightly bend the center pin on the charger connector as one user suggested (maybe it was not making good contact was the idea), rotating the connector to force it to make a connection.  None of these have worked.  Too many people are reporting this issue for it to be a random issue and Dell probably knows of its existance, they simply choose to turn a blind eye and a deaf ear.

    Rick H

  • about the "plugged in, not charging"..... i thought it was the battery. buying a new 1 online, didn't change anything. it sd the same thing. i looked closer @ the end of the power cord that plugs in2 the laptop & noticed there should b a pin inside. since i've a 2nd dell laptop, i realized i could possibly switch power cords. i did & the 1st laptop began charging. in the end, it was the power cord, which i've since ordered. glad it wasn't something more serious.

  • everyone seems to have the same problem with the dell 1525 not charging the battery showing plugged in not charging,  well here goes, we have had  many of these in for repairs with this problem, after trying new original battery's and chargers with no success we moved to the dc board, after re flowing or replacing  the dc board we have found this to solve the problem, 

  • PC Repairs...,

    Agreed!  As mentionned in my previous post, the DC connector(board) is usually the culprit.  Just replaced one on a 1525 last week.  The DC connector was broken so bad that there was no plastic for the center pin, just 4 copper contacts.  Replaced DC board and unit still gave charging error.  Customer had purchased a third-party AC adapter.  Replaced AC adapter with a genuine Dell adapter, and the problem was solved.  Apparently, the generic adapter did not supply the Power Indicator signal on the center pin.


  • Hi, with three years of use can be suspicious of two things: A) the machine is damaged in the recharge area B) and check the battery test

  • my battery was not charging, I replaced new power cord and the charger. Still the battery not charging. Whats your advice please.

  • I've been facing the same problem but it is intermittent -  at  times the battery charges! I updated BIOS replaced the charger and the battery but nothing has worked so far!