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I wanna complain, i have order a laptop on 26/4/2011, on the next day, i receive a order confirmation email from dell, then after another few day, i receive a delivery noticfication email, show that the estimate delivery date is on or before 11 may 2011.... today is 17 may 2011, i still not yet get my thingsSuper Angry....everyday i log in to check my order status, show that my thing already arrive in main hub, everyday also same.... whats this means.... want me collect my things at main hub ah..... Angry i have sendmany feedback to, but nobody reply me, maybe nobody is working there...... what happen to dell, why take so long time to deliver a laptop....??

i thiks 2 weeks time from south africa deliver to malaysia also reach already lo, really feel disappointed and regret on choosing dell, really no next time, and i sure will recomment this superb service provided by dell to all my friend, NoNoNo

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  • At main hub means that the delivery provided (FedEx, UPS, whomever it is) has it at their local delivery hub. Call them. Dell seems to have done their part and the delivery people are dropping the ball.

  • Changa7614,

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    You should call customer service at Dell in your area and have them contact the carrier to see what is going on  with the delivery of your system. If emails are not working then you should call them up.