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Dell N5110 Bluetooth Problem?


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Dell N5110 Bluetooth Problem?

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Hi everyone;  
 Me & my brother getting new Dell Inspiron N5110 this week it's good  laptop, but we have problem with the Bluetooth devise we have try to send files from Nokia N8 & other Nokia phone we get problem cannot send and receive files from and to Nokia phones, can anyone help please?


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  • Where’s everyone please?Tongue TiedSad

  • If other bluetooth devices work, contact Nokia or your phone service provider for an update - some service providers do not allow file transfers (called object exchange) over bluetooth.


  • This problem is with tow exact laptops?




  • Sounds like the problem could well be with the Nokia drivers - or if they're from the same service provider, that service provider.


  • I think the service provider is not the issue I think the problem with both the laptop Bluetooth v3 and Nokia N8 Bluetooth v3!

  • anyone can help please?

  • We have the same problem with a new Dell Inspiron N5110 laptop.

    With an HTC Evo 4G phone, we can connect -- discover and pair with the the laptop.  The phone can receive files from the computer.

    But the computer *cannot* receive files over Bluetooth from the the phone!!

    A message comes up saying something like "target not allowed" or something like that.

    Normally, on other computers, when a file is sent from the phone to a laptop, a popup box comes up on the laptop saying something like "Do you wish to authorize this file transfer"... and you have to click "yes" or "no."

    But that "authorization popup" never comes up on the N5110!!  There is no way authorize the reception of the file from the Evo 4G phone!!

    We worked with the free Dell Tech Support on this for hours today!!  They got on the "remote connect" and reinstalled drivers, looked at settings, etc. but nothing they did worked!!

    We had a similar problem on an HP laptop (tho' that problem cropped up when using an external Bluetooth USB dongle) whereas the N5110 has Bluetooth built in.

    So it seems clear that it is a Dell Bluetooth Driver issue!!

    Please let us know when this has been fixed!!  We really want to be able to send files over Bluetooth.

    thank you :))

  • i also have exactly same problem. my laptop N5110, i7 6GB memory. i bought it just a week ago. please help me to troubleshoot.

  • Have you installed the Nokia driver?

    Does your service provider permit OBEX (object exchange)?   Some will block it between the PC and phone.

  • i couldn't connect laptop also via Bluetooth, give me a suggestion pls

  • BT is a bit of hit-miss when it comes to the stacks out there.  Each phone provider has different requirements also for pairing.  Further, Win7 handles this differently than the software provided by other BT software so the questions some are having are very difficult to answer

    If your particular BT install (not all are the same) allows for you to initiate receiving of files via the PC then give that a try.  I suspect you do not have the obex pairing setup correctly and are not able to "push" the files from phone.

    Finally, some phones can be paired but will NOT transfer files unless you install the software provided by that phone supplier and specifically choose to allow file transfer.  You may get prompted by the PC to "accept" various connections including remote access etc.  but be aware that obex will not likely be called "send files from phone" and may even omit the word "obex".

    Sigh.  Complicated?  Sometimes.  When it works it just works.  When it doesnt it can be a real pain in the rear.  I find the windows BT drivers easier to do this sort of thing but others prefer widcomm or brandx.  There is no set answer when it comes to BT

  • i have the same problem when i'm connecting another acer  laptop via Bluetooth




  • i installed that my problem is resolved ..... but still not working properly........ says that BLUETOOTH SERVER failed ....... what can i do now?

  • There is no solution to the bluetooth driver stereo headphone problem.  But Dell won't admit it or even try to solve it.  I called and Dell had me download another driver with wireless and BT.  Before that my system would at least recognize the headphones.  After the new driver, my system won't find any BT devices at all.  I called Dell back and they put me through to paid support.  Hell of a scam.  They break my system and force my to pay them to work on the problem they created.  I told the tech I knew it was a blackmail scam and he hung up on me.