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Vostro 3750 keyboard backlight - how to turn it on?


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Vostro 3750 keyboard backlight - how to turn it on?

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My Vostro 3750 keyboard backlight doesn't appear to be working. The manual is hardly a manual at all, and Google has suggested that Fn+<right arrow> or Fn+F6 should operate it but these aren't doing anything.

I know the backlight is optional but my order confirmation says    Keyboard - Internal Backlit Keyboard    so either the command is incorrect or the backlight is not working. No options for it show up in the Windows Mobility Center either.

Any suggestions?

Also the Support centre doesn't recognise my Service Tag, even when I let the system scan retrieve it, so reporting this 'fault' properly may be difficult.

EDIT: I'm a UK customer, purchased the laptop a few days ago via the Dell website.

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  • A friend of mine had the same problem, her system had shipped without the backlit keyboard. Contact Dell and have them send a support tech to install the correct keyboard on your system. They can also give you the option to send you the keyboard and get reimbursed for the install.

  • Had the same problem. Dell ended up sending me a backlit keyboard to install myself. Hardest part is releasing the 4 clips at the top of the keyboard. Just slide strips of thin plastic between the clips and the keyboard then lift the keyboard out. For plastic strips I cut up a RAM blister pack. Just the right thickness/flexibility.

    Thye backlit keyboard will have a wide ribbon and and real thin one. The wide one will need folded over at a right-angle to fit correctly. Don't be afraid to crease the ribbon. Just make sure the white line near the end is facing up before you insert each into the connectors and pressing the latches back down on them.

    Snap the keyboard back in and you're done.