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inspiron N5010 wireless is not working - windows 7 32bit


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inspiron N5010 wireless is not working - windows 7 32bit

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Hi everybody

My problem is with the wireless driver in my Inispiron N5010 Windows 7 32bit
there is any driver to fix my problem or any order to installing the drivers..!?

please I need your helps...

Many thanks in advance

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  • Alifadhul

    I am sorry to read that you are having problems with wireless.  The following link leads to a Microsoft page on troubleshooting wireless issues.

    You might experience wireless network connection issues in Windows for a number of reasons. Some common issues that can cause these problems are:

    • A wireless network adapter switch that's not enabled
    • WEP, WPA, or WPA2 security key or passphrase issues
    • Driver corruption or compatibility issues
    • Incorrect or mismatched network connection settings
    • Missing updates
    • Hardware or software problems


    The article goes into each of these causes with more detail.  The correct drivers for the system  may be found from the following link. Just choose the corresponding driver to your wireless card.

    If you still require further aid please reply back and include the model of the wireless card and the exact symptoms on what is happening while trying to connect.



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  • I discovered my problem is in the driver type...

    but now my problem is solved....



    Thanks Terry

  • Hi AliFadhul,

    I am facing the problem. If you have got the solution please post it ASAP


  • plz help me if u discovered ur prob .i also facing that problem .post there solution