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XPS L702X Keyboard Beep Sound


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XPS L702X Keyboard Beep Sound

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I recently bought a XPS L702X. 

When I boot the pc and when I start typing, I sometimes get a beep sound for every single button I press on my keyboard.

It's about 50% of the time honestly. Sometimes I can boot the pc, start typing for 30 mins and I hear no beep. But sometimes I start pc and first hit on my keyboard immediatly gives a beep sound. Also it could just start in the middle of a text I'm typing and end 3 sentences later without me doing anything about it.

The letters are written, but the sound that comes with it, is very annoying. 

I read a few things about this problem, and some people say to check bios and turn off things related to keyboard sounds.

I checked that but I couldn't find it and the things I found about my keyboard in bios were not changeable.

So, anyone knows a solution to fix my problem?

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  • God bless you for this answer. It worked like a charm. You are a scholar and a genius! Many thanks!

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    Welcome to the Dell Community Forum.

    It could be very annoying when you get the beep sounds when typing and you just wish if there was a button which says "Stop Annoying Me" to get rid of it, however that’s not the case with an electronic device. 

    This issue may be caused for a couple of reasons; 

    1.  If the keyboard is faulty or sticky keys; To verify you can run diagnostics- Hold down the <Fn> key while pressing the power button. Or Turn on the system, press <F12> at the initial Dell™ logo screen, and select Diagnostics from the boot menu. Complete the diagnostics Test. Between you will get an option to run various types of test: Select - Custom test and test your keyboard for any faults. (This is an interactive test) 

    2.  Turn Off Windows Click Sounds - click Start - type "mmsys" in the Start Search box at the bottom - Select it in the search results - in the window click the Sounds tab and try disabling "Start Navigation" first as this is seen common on the clicking noise, however it may not be the same with your issue. Hence, navigate through all the items to identify which is causing the beep (Just by selecting it and clicking on the play button). Once found, just highlight it and select "None" under Sounds. 



  • Tried everything you said there, but it didn't help. Only the "Hold down the <Fn> key while pressing the power button." didn't work. Or I'm doing something wrong, or it's supposed to turn off your computer. I tried it 2 times : 1st time I did that, pc went in sleepmode, but nothing changed, 2nd time, it turned off pc. But the beep sound is still there.

    I also connected an  external keyboard. So when I type on the external keyboard, I hear nothing, no annoying beep sound. But when I type on my normal keybaord, it starts beeping again like there's a mouse in my laptop.

  • I am sorry. You need to shutdown the computer first and then Hold down the <Fn> key before pressing the power button to start the diagnostics.

    And as you have mentioned that you do not receive any beep sound when you use an external keyboard, looks like you need a replacement keyboard, however run the diagnostics to verify the failure.


  • Hold down the <Fn> key while pressing the power button. Or Turn on the system, press <F12> at the initial Dell™ logo screen, and select Diagnostics from the boot menu.


    Are these 2 the same diagnostics? If so, I ran the diagnostics via <F12> but I didn't receive any failure. 

    So I guess the problem is the keyboard. And what can I do about it? The laptop is 1,5 week old.

  • Yes, both of them are the same diagnostics. 

    Please call the 1-800 for Dell, with respect to your region. They will be able to have it replaced. 


  • Hi:


    I have the exact same problem, and it's very very annoying.

    My laptop is a Dell XPS L50ZX and it's about one month old. My motherboard had to be replaced today because it just stopped working last saturday. Support Service came today to change it, and after a few hours, I came to work on my laptop again, and there's this beep whenever  I tape something, that was not at all before.

    Do I need to call support service again?



  • Hi,

    I experienced a similar similar problem: I have a DELL Inspiron N411z, and I was suddenly starting to receive a beep with any key I use. Another symptom was the fan running at high speed all time; you can notice that having a high windy noise towards the left of the laptop. Problem was the laptop was running in engineering mode (I don't know why it went into that mode). We discovered this because when restarting the machine, it was showing a message right in the beginning, saying something like: "Press Fn + X to change from Engineering Mode ..." we did it and now everything looks normal. No beeps in the keyboard and fan speed back to normal. Try re-booting your laptop and see if you find a similar message when machine is coming up.

  • THANK YOU JACOSTA76!!  I was having the same problems with XPS and I hit FN X and the problem was solved. You saved me $100+ in service charges.

  • On the bottom of the keyboard there's a "FN" key (next to the CTRL), hold down the FN key and the "X" key at the same time.  This should discontinue to beeping...

  • i had exact same problem a few hours ago when they changed my motherboard. apparently it was in engineerin mode (he was using the computer so while i  thought not having dell logo on startup was odd  i hadnt said anything). its all fine and he didnt know about it, i asked him what that beeping was, he didnt know. he started calling around and stuff and nobody knew.

    in the end, he accused me of spilling liquid on my laptop which had no beeping before he also removed the plastic keyboard cover 1 minute prior so yeah.  he left  insisted on writing 'liquid spilled' on his report and i googled 'dell keyboard beep' and on this page i am shown the clear fix.  i also know the quality of dell support.

    thank you dell, you clearly educate your service people well.

    here is my service tag i anyone wants to check.

    Service Tag: 6SM6RS1

  • Wow, Thanks,

    That Cntrl+X command saved me 45 minutes with the help desk with them trying to go through a their decision tree to solve my problem. ("Is the sound with every key? Is the sound only in MS Word? etc...)

  • Thank you JACOSTA76, I posted the problem below just yesterday and decided to do a little more surfing in the Form today. I came across your reply from 2 years ago and it was pure joy when I applied your solution and all I could hear was silence. grumpyeyore moderate grumpyeyore in Laptop Keyboard beepingLaptop Audio Forum I have a XPS L702X laptop that is about 3 years old. It started making a beeping sound for the first time yesterday every time I press a key on the keypad when typing. It has never done this before. It makes this noise with the speaker muted and all sounds set to none. I have looked all over the place trying to find a way to turn off this annoying noise. Can anyone please tell me how I can shut this irritating noise off?
  • God bless you for this answer. It worked like a charm. You are a scholar and a genius! Many thanks!

  • It worked!

    Tank you a lot!

  • I signed up the forums just to say thank you,  !The beep's gone! It was so annoyed. And your answer is incredibly helpful.