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Dell Inspiron 1525 with a OCZ Agility 2 SSD upgrade


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Dell Inspiron 1525 with a OCZ Agility 2 SSD upgrade

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Hello everyone,

I'm thinking of upgrading the hard drive in my Dell Inspiron 1525 to a 90GB OCZ Agility 2 SATA 3.0gb/s SSD.  I know that my laptop will accept the hard drive, however my question is whether or not I will be able to appreciate the full read/write capabilities of the SSD because it is able to read at 285 MB/s and write at 275 MB/s which is able to saturate the SATA 3.0gb/s standard. A problem will arise if Dell somehow limits the SATA controller to 1.50 gb/s speeds. I've used the "PC Wizard" application from CPUID and it tells me that the bandwidth of my SATA controller supports 3.0 gb/s, but that unfortunately tells me nothing about what the "actual" results will be.

Has anyone been able to successfully install a fast SSD and get transfer speeds of ~250 MB/s?  Or is Dell limiting the interface so that speeds cap out at ~150 MB/s?


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  • I installed an OCZ Vertex 2 SSD in my Inspiron 1525 close to 2 years ago and am still using it.  I didn't run into any of the problems in the video posted by MicroTest; the SATA connectors matched up perfectly and the SSD form factor was just as thick as a regular 2.5 inch laptop hard drive.

    Performance wise, it's excellent. System will boot in maybe 5 seconds, and the system is very very responsive (I also have 4 GB of RAM installed).  Hope this helps somewhat!

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  • The controller fully supports SATA 3.0, but putting such a fast drive in a system like this is a bit like turbocharging a Hyundai Accent -- it may not be particularly cost-effective, as the 1525 is a low-end budget system with low-end video performance. 

  • Agreed about the laptop being low-end budget system with low end video performance, however I still feel that the core 2 duo and RAM in it is more than sufficient for my daily needs which basically consists of running Visual Studio or Photoshop; which I think an SSD would speed up the loading of libraries and such. 

    In other words I feel like I'll have no reason to invest in a new laptop over the next few years, and I'm treating this SSD as an investment which I'll be able to utilize in either in some future laptop or HTPC. 

    Thanks for the info although I would still like to know if anyone has "real world" tested the setup.  Reason is because I know that Lenovo T6x series laptops use the same Intel GM965 chipset and I know for a fact that people have been complaining about a "soft-cap" that limits the data rate to 1.50 gb/s. Lenovo implemented it with no BIOS fix available or any plan for a "fix".

  • Short of trying it I doubt you'll find an answer - very few if anyone will have tried such a high-end drive in such a low-end system.

  • hello bro.. I am also thinking of upgrading my Dell inspiron 1525 with an SSD. But i am worried that the controller is going to limit the transfer mode to SATA- I (1.5gbps). So I wont be getting a full SATA - II (3.0gbps) speeds in that case.

    So have you tried upgrading it yet?

    looking forward to your reply. Thanks in advance.. :)

  • I've got the same laptop and my hard drive is shot. (funny how carrying it around for 5 years will do that) Did either of y'all find a good ssd solution for the inspiron 1525? Trying to make sure I get something that will not only work properly but also fit inside the interior of the laptop. 

    Thanks in advance if you're even still on here after these 2 years!

  • you may want to ask the guy who uploaded this video just two weeks ago - also read the comments