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BIOS updates

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I'm a new XPSL501X owner, and today when I powered up and logged on to my pc, a pop-up from "Dell Support Center" says that there are two critical updates that I need to download.  I've owned Dell laptops before, and have never seen anything like this.  So, I'm skeptical and installing nothing until I can get a confirmation that this "Dell BIOS Update" is authorized, official, and safe to download.

Here's the message that I received, and the update is installed by a program called WinPhlash from Phoenix technologies:

"There is a critical new BIOS update available. This critical BIOS update will fix problems or add feature's to the computer's BIOS. It is strongly recommended to update to this latest BIOS."

So friends, is this legit??



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  • First rule of thumb:If it ain't broke don't fix it.Yes anything that comes thru the dell support center app. is a legit update,unless the update has a fix that you deffinatly need,or to correct a problem,i would leave it alone BIOS flashes can go horribly wrong.

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  • Thanks for the advice dgkpcon. I logged onto live chat, and the agent said the same thing that you did. Whew!  God bless you for your assistance.