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Inspiron N5110 Hard Drive Placement


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Inspiron N5110 Hard Drive Placement

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Dear Dell,

Are you serious????  Whom ever designed the Inspiron N5110 should be fired.  After 15 years of working on Dell desktops and laptops I have never seen something so stupid as in this laptop.  Why in the world would you put the hard drive under the system board?  A tech has to disassemble the entire laptop to get to the hard drive.  It's absolutely ridiculous.  The hard drive is one of the major parts in a laptop that gets replaced or swapped. I am speechless. I am returning this laptop in the morning and looking for a different model or even a different brand.  Bad move Dell.

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  • It's not a great design from a serviceability standpoint, for sure - but at least the service manual documents the process.  I've seen plenty of Apple and Sony systems that were worse from a hard drive access standpoint - and they don't provide service  manuals to the public.


  • Yes, I can chime in with DSCRAPPY.

    Incidentally, even the motive for changing the HDD is down to Dell - they no longer customise the Inspirons and they give you a fast CPU, Sandy Bridge chipset and adequate RAM in combination with a lame 5400rpm HDD - whatever is the point of that?

    Fine, I thought to myself, get an SSD for the system and be done with it - so now I have an obscenely expensive SSD loitering on my desk and have to take the whole machine to bits before I can get it anywhere near it.


  • The Inspirons - for a few years now - serve only the very bottom of the market:  they're for consumers who buy on price alone.


  • Well, Ejn63, there are Inspirons with i7 processors in my neck of the woods and the only thing that sets them apart from the XPS is the graphics card - but I don't quite know what you're implying anyway.

    To do them justice though - I took the machine to a Dell shop and they completely disassembled it, changed the HDD and put it all back together again in about an hour and a half.  They refused to take any payment for it.


  • There's more to an XPS vs. Inspiron than just that.

    The reason the Inspirons exist is to allow $399 computers to be sold - they're not designed for anything other than a low price.  In exchange for the low price, you make some sacrifices in design (and quality).


  • I agree 100% about the location of the hard drive, such a stupid design - it's not cheap - perhaps £549 is cheap to you? It's not to me.

  • Anybody who got here because they too cant get to thier hard drive, I video taped my (3rd) attempt, so you have some idea what's involved.............