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setting up 3g access via sim card slot on inspiron n5010


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setting up 3g access via sim card slot on inspiron n5010

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There is a slot for inserting SIM card under the battery on my inspiron n5010.

I want to know how to set up drivers/firmware and software to set up internet access via 3G network using a sim inserted in this slot? 

Detailed instructions would be appreciated.


Additional info: Place of purchase Dubai - UAE, currently residing in INDIA. Network provider of sim card not decided yet. Operating system Windows 7 (service pack 1)

p.s. there doesn't seem to be any mention of the hardware in the device manager, is it a dummy slot by any chance?

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  • The SIM socket alone cannot be used.  It must be used in conjunction with a WWAN card that is supported by the wireless carrier with whom you have a data service contract.

    In the US, Dell doesn't sell a WWAN option for this model - that may vary where you are.


  • To connect internet at first u have to contact ur gprs service provider to know your APN. then u have to go start-control panel-phone and modem option...then select modem-properties-advanced and hear u found extra initialization commands and u have to type AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP","your APN", after typing press ok.

  • i have purchased my DELL Inspiron N5010 laptop from United States, but now I am in India, can I use the 3G SIM card slot to sccess 3G internet using the DELL's 3G SIM card slot ?

  • Not by itself, no.  You will also need a WWAN card compatible with your service provider's network, along with a data PCS service plan.

  • but i have SIM card slot in my dell inspiron n5010 .... so it does not have WWAN card inside you mean ?

  • Unless you purchased one, no - it does not.  I don't think Dell has offered these even as options on consumer-level notebooks in quite some time.

  • The WWAN  card is available on ebay if you search for it - I obtained a dell 5540 for £10 and it is a matter of minutes to fit it in the slot on the base of the laptop. Windows could not find the drivers but I found them on Dell though I have yet to try a SIM card.

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