Latitude E6410 laptop screen fades


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Latitude E6410 laptop screen fades

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My laptop E6410 screen keeps fading in and out. It does not fade to black, the screen just dims. This only happens when it is OFF the docking station and plugged into the regular power adapter. It happens randomly and doesn't have any particular pattern to it.

Any advice would be helpful.



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  • Stephanie,

    This is due to the luminosity setting and the screen set to take into account the lighting in the room and to save power. So, first, to into the Power Settings and see what is set for screen timing to dim to save power. then, look at the bottom arrow keys and you will see the left arrow has the word "Auto" on it- hold the Fn key and click that arrow key and a the screen should go to bright and if you hit it again, it will dim. This is a toggle for the auto brightness controller.

    You can find the manual in your disks or even on line that would explain this.

    All the best