Dell Latitude D630 Bios password


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Dell Latitude D630 Bios password

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Got one of these Latitudes this week. I have installed a new Windows on the computer but when I go into the bios I can't make any changes. It says that I have to go to Security>>setup unlock and put the password in to make changes.

Is this something that removing the cmos battery will solve.

I don't want to be like those who get a screen on bootup that needs a passord before you get into the Windows GUI. Seen that before and I had to open up the case and short out two pins to kill that screen. Don't want that to happed if I mess with the cmos battery.

I have tried several passwords like Dell, dell, Dell, Admin, D630 but it must be more complicated than that.

I guess I can live with it but there are a couple of things that I would like to reset there like the time, boot up sequence, disable serial and a few other things.

Any ideas?
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  • The only way to disable it is to call Dell (there is a charge if you're out of warranty), verify ownership, and they'll issue a system-specific bypass for you.