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Dell Latitude D630 Bios password


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Dell Latitude D630 Bios password

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Got one of these Latitudes this week. I have installed a new Windows on the computer but when I go into the bios I can't make any changes. It says that I have to go to Security>>setup unlock and put the password in to make changes.

Is this something that removing the cmos battery will solve.

I don't want to be like those who get a screen on bootup that needs a passord before you get into the Windows GUI. Seen that before and I had to open up the case and short out two pins to kill that screen. Don't want that to happed if I mess with the cmos battery.

I have tried several passwords like Dell, dell, Dell, Admin, D630 but it must be more complicated than that.

I guess I can live with it but there are a couple of things that I would like to reset there like the time, boot up sequence, disable serial and a few other things.

Any ideas?
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  • The only way to disable it is to call Dell (there is a charge if you're out of warranty), verify ownership, and they'll issue a system-specific bypass for you.


  • dell latitude d630 s tag# <ADMIN NOTE: Service tag removed as per privacy policy> bios password

    i forgot my password plz help me

  • See above.  You must place a call to Dell support and verify your ownership of the system.

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    The only way to reset the BIOS password is giving a call to dell technical support department, you will need to provide the service tag / express service code and you need to verify the ownership of the equipment, what is the name of the original owner (name on the dell order) the original address where the equipment was sent. thats the only way to do it, there is no jumper on the motherboard or any other class of procedure to clear the BIOS security.

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  • And putting a new hard drive into a passworded laptop will lock that drive.

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