how to make screen go dark (quickly)


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how to make screen go dark (quickly)

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How can i quickly turn off my laptop screen (without going through several control panel screens and having to readjust the time unitl display shut-off down to 1 minute and then wait for the minute to end).  Also, please note I do not want to just close the laptop, as I want to be able to hear the speakers which would be blocked by a closed laptop.
My laptop is a Dell Studio XPS 1645 purchased last June.
There is a hot key on the keyboard which takes me to a set of 4 screen extension options, but none of those options includes simply making the laptop dark (I don't want to make it sleep, just dark).  One option is "projector only" and when I click it the screen goes dark like I wanted, but then 8 seconds later comes back with a notice: "unable to connect to projector.  No projector detected."  Please help.

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  • You really can't do this within Windows. The only way to come close is to go to the power settings, set the screen to turn off after 1 minute, and set the Sleep time to Never. The screen will shut down in a minute.

    There are ways to do what you want, but not officially. See this SITE for an example of a program which will do it. I HAVE NOT tested these programs, so Caveat Emptor.

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