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Inspiron 1750 "Plugged in but not charging"


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Inspiron 1750 "Plugged in but not charging"

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My laptop is plugged in, but not charging the battery.  Its a refurb I bought last year.


OS: windows 7

Charger is new

tried the "Device manager, delete ACPI thing" which seemed to be the most common problem that google had to offer.


Any other ideas?

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  • Does the BIOS (F2 at powerup) detect the AC adapter properly, or is it listed as "unknown"?  Is this a Dell adapter or a third-party one?

  • it is listed as "unknown" its a third party charger thats been working fine.

  • First thing to try is a new Dell (NOT third-party) adapter.  If that is not recognized correctly, then the problem is with the system board.


  • I had the same issue, among other things with Windows 7 on Dell. For another reason I created a NEW USER ACCOUNT with full administrative privileges. PROBLEM SOLVED! The battery now fully charges; as well the SEARCH function works properly (which also didn't work for me).

  • I dont know for certain this is the same issue as i was experiencing.  My battery was not charging for some time and the battery icon in the system tray was x'd out because it was not being read by the computer.  i noticed if i nudged my battery a certain way that the computer would read it.  It was not easy to get it to read this way and i additionally had to hold it to have the battery continue to read.  In the end my battery is now charging and reading.  For me it was a contact issue.  the battery slides onto teeth on the bottom of the computer. 2 plastic guides on either side with metal contacts between.

    1)turn the computer over and remove the battery. the connection will be visible.

    2) take a flat-head screwdriver and press all of the contact teeth towards the right side of the computer slightly and preserve the spacing as best you can.  ~1/16"-1/32" it does not take much.

    3)when you slide the battery back into place you will feel some resistance. DO NOT FORCE THE BATTERY BACK INTO PLACE AS YOU MIGHT DAMAGE THE TEETH DU TO THEIR ALTERED POSITION.  The adjustment is necessary to get the battery to read and charge just wiggle the battery until you feel the teeth match with the gaps and then it will slide easily into place again. Hope this solves your issues.