Dell Support Center - How to change the language to English?


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Dell Support Center - How to change the language to English?

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I purchased my computer in Switzerland, and even if everything else is installed in English, the Dell Support Center software and messages all appear in German. How can I change the language to English?



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  • Hi Cacador,

    Welcome to the Community. The best way to change the language would be to Uninstall it from Add remove programs, and reinstall it using the below link. When installing select English as your language and then complete the installation.

    Hope this helps.

    Thank you


  • I'm wanting to switch DSC from Japanese to English.

    OS is Vista Business 32 Japanese.

    When I went through this process I wasn't given any "Select Language" option and DSC re-installed in Japanese.

    Any suggestions on how I can switch DSC from Japanese to English?



  • John,


    Try the instructions located at...


    Uninstall Dell Support Center


    Removing the temp files should help to remove everything. Then use the link to download and install Dell Support Center. That should then ask you to select the language you want.





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  • Thanks PudgyOne. I tried it a few times but still couldn't get it to work.  There isn't a language select option with either the download link or when aulauncher.exe is installed.