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Vostro 1520 power issues.


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Vostro 1520 power issues.

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Hi All.

I am having a very strange problem when charging my Vostro 1520. If the laptop is powered off and I plug it in everything is fine, I can turn the laptop on and it continues to charge and the power meter shows it being plugged in. If I then unplug it for a few seconds and turn it back on, the LED on the power pack (dell original) comes on and slowly goes off and the laptop shows as still running on battery. I have tried another dell power pack so I know the problem isnt with that, I have ran the full diagnostic and nothing was flagged there either.

Is there anything I can do to try to get this charging properly?


Many thanks.

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  • You either need to have the mainboard repaired (power jack) or have the mainboard replaced.


  • Thanks ejn63.

    This was my thought but what made me wonder is that it does work fine if it is powered up with the mains charger already plugged in.

    Very strange and very annoying!!