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NVIDIA Settlement Replacement Chip?


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NVIDIA Settlement Replacement Chip?

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I have a Dell XPS 1530 that was just accepted for the NVIDIA settlement and I was just wondering what will be the replacement mobo and graphics card?

After quite a bit of research I haven't been able to find it anywhere and I would like to know before sending my laptop off for 8 weeks.



Thanks in advance!

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  • The chip will be replaced with the same one you have now -- there is no other option.


  • If you are referring to the nvidia graphics chip settlement from he class action lawsuit (www.nvidiasettlement.com) , it will be the graphics card. I've been waiting 3 years for this!

  • I see nothing regarding the type of replacement chip on the settlement website or anywhere in the court documents. I'm not even sure that the GeForce 8600 is used anymore (bought computer in 2008). I was just wondering if anyone had any substantial evidence as to what the replacement will actually be rather than what it should be.

  • Since the mainboard won't take anything other than the 8400GS or 8600GT, and since there are no other mainboards available, you will get the same chip you have.  There simply is no other option.

    in cases where the chips can't be replaced, such as with some HP/Compaq systems, the system is replaced (that option is causing much consternation, as the replcacement system is a very low end $400 one - not the higher end model that was initially purchased).


  • Ahhh, that makes sense. I thought that the graphics cards were integrated on the XPS series?


    I really appreciate the help by the way Big Smile

  • They are on some - not others.  On those that are, the chip has to be removed and a new one soldered in.  Presumably they'll have a supply of repaired boards and simply swap them out.


  • My computer is an old e1705 purchased in 06. It has a Nvidia GeForce 7900 Go GS or something. What will it be replaced with?? Do they still make this GPU? Its quite old... Thanks for any info

  • If you're lucky, they'll give you an ATI X1400.

    that was the only reliable video card shipped with that model system.


  • My E1705 was just repaired about one month ago (complete care warranty still) with a revised Geforce Go 7900GS with>512MB (not 256MB).And the clocks and memory on the card are higher too>375 core >507Mhz memory.

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  • I was thinking the same thing as to what will be sent back.

    My understanding is that on Dell laptops they will replace the mother board as the GPU is soldered to it. Question is if they still have these GPU from 2007. Another question will be if we will get the same CPU? My understanding is that CPU is also soldered on motherboard and cannot be changed.

    So I am hoping at minimum I will get a better CPU and if they have some sense they will give us integrated graphics which are much more reliable.

  • The CPU is socketed - not soldered.  You will get exactly what you have now - there is no other option.


  • I too am a claimant in the nVidia GPU Litigation Settlement and was approved. Dell sent me a box which I used to send my laptop to them for repair.

    Now I just got off the phone with Dell support who agrees the GPU is bad but says I "must purchase a new motherboard because the nVidia GPU is integrated and they cannot replace just the GPU." What good did I benefit from participating in the settlement if I have to purchase the replacement part? I could have done that without the settlement and been done long ago and am confident this is not what was intended by the settlement. I have escalated this matter and will share the response here once I have one. Anyone else in a similar situation?

  • That response from Dell does not sound right at all. Definitely hold your ground, as you should get the motherboard free of charge.

    Do keep us informed.

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  • I contacted the attorneys for the class action (against nVidia, not Dell) and they in turn contacted Dell, then contacted me to say it was straightened out. Sure enough, Dell is now replacing the motherboard without requiring me to purchase it. I am confident Dell is getting reimbursed and should be glad they are not HP who is having to replace the entire laptop! At least that is my understanding.

    Thanks for the heads up. I too will be sending mine back if it comes down-graded. Will post back here when it returns.