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Laptop won't install anything


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Laptop won't install anything

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I have an Inspiron 600m, which is currently having some problems.

A week ago I turned my computer off that night, like I always do. The next morning I turned it on, it came up with an error message saying my laptop was missing the file name : ntoskrnl

I couldn't find any way to fix it, and I couldn't do anything on my computer, other then to erase my computer and reinstall windows xp. So I reinstalled it, and have struggled since then with it. It keeps wanting to randomly bring up errors and then say " Physical Dump Memory", and restarts.
From the process of elmination I have found that the computer runs fine, as long as I don't download anything. It has Windows XP freshly installed, and  I'm using an external internet card. I can do whatever I want on the computer without it closing down, except for installing new things.  It sometimes wants to get a little slow when I'm typing, and sometimes slows up a bit, but otherwise it's fine.

I tried to contact Dell, but they no longer offer support for this computer. It's almost 6 yrs.old.

Can anyone tell me what it could possibly be, and can it be fixed? If I didn't cover all the information, just ask me and I'll gladly give whatever info I can about it. I would just like to get this issue solved.

Thanks in advance!

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  • If you have not run an extended diagnostic on the hard drive (F12 at powerup), now would be a good time.  It's likely on its way out.


  • Hey this is 4pawsforever, on a different account. I can't get the 4pawsforever one to work.  UGH!

    Anyways, I did what you suggested and got this error:

    "DST short status test failure with error code 1000-0142.

    Msg-Unit 4: Drive self test failed status byte=89."
    So, does this means I need a new hard drive?
    Thanks for getting back to me and for your help, I greatly appreciate it! :)
  • Yes, you do need a new drive.