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Dell XPS L501X - Keyboard&Touchpad and Softver problems


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Dell XPS L501X - Keyboard&Touchpad and Softver problems

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My keyboard problem is: the Fn button allway in "push down" state, but I can push down. So when I wana rename a file with F2 I allway turn off my wifi, and etc.

I use Win7 64bit Enterprice.


My touchpad probmlem is: I turn on my touchpad's Two-Finger Scrolling, but it isn't working. The rotate, and zoom working.


I have 1 question:

-How can I add plus optcions to my Windows Mobility Center, I see screen shots where there is a Customized by Dell Inc. tag, but I haven't got.


Thanks for help!



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  • Walron

    As far as the keyboard, you can check and see if any substance may be causing the key to stick.  Was anything spilled on the keyboard?  You can reseat the keyboard and make sure that the cable is connected well.  Other than that I would suggest having the keyboard replaced.  Here is a link to the service manual if you would like to take a look at the keyboard


    It sounds like the touch pad driver may not be installed.  You can down load the synaptic driver from the following link

    You may also wish to download Dell Quickset, it may give you more options for Mobility center.


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  • Thank You!


    The keyboard Fn problem was: the Fn key row was "Multimedia key".


    The touchpad problem fixed when I reinstall the driver.


    The Dell Quickset probem: I didn't install to the ProgramFiles folder, I installed other folder, but when I reinstalled to the ProgramFiles folder, it works.


    Thank for the help!