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Inspiron N5010 overheating again, please help


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Inspiron N5010 overheating again, please help

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Hi, everyone!

I have same overheating problem repeating in my inspiron N5010 which is 6 months old.

Previously It overheated & would shut down even if it was  just kept ON in BIOS mode.. Dell Support concluded that it was issue with mobo & said it will be resolved with mobo, heat sink & fan assembly replacement.. which they did. & it seemed to be resolved but now its back again after just 2 months of replacement.



CPU temp: averages at around 54 C even in high CPU intensive game after an hour of gameplay running from fresh boot

While now:

CPU temp: crosses 80 C with anything that loads it above 80 % for more than 20-30 mins even when fan is running max @ 5000 rpm ( if just left in BIOS extended test mode; it will shut down in about 30-40 mins)

Also air flow is blocked now. I have to be as close as about 3 cm before I can feel any air blowing out while normally I can feel air blowing out from  more than 15 cms.


Can it be dust; its always lays on clean table while being used as desktop replacement? Should I try cleaning fans?

Please Help

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  • also for blowing out fan, i know that i will have to take system apart but do I have to remove the fan or just be able to see it to clean it.. also will that mean i will have to re-apply thermal paste again? will doing all this void warranty? 

    can anyone help me here? please?

  • Hi,

    i'm having the same problems as you are. Yesterday i played a game for first time, the computer rebooted several time due overheating. After installing speedfan i've noticed the high cpu temperature (~70 degrees on 5% cpu !!), also the loud fan noise went even worse since i bought the device.

    solution till now: i took the device apart, which is not very difficult, just follow this instruction, it helped me alot:

    (sounds worse than it is, took me around 15 min - be very careful with the keyboard!!)

    after opening it, i've just cleaned the fan with q-tips (there was no real visible dirt in there, only a very light film) , blew the dust of with a pressure can and fix all screws very tight again. after booting windows now, there temperature dropped very much from 70 ° yesterday, to ~50-55° in the moment.

    i'm not sure about the guarantee, at least there was no label to break, and if theres an official document from dell how to take the device apart, can't be that wrong i guess :)


  • after a few hours i'm back at the old temperature :(

    i guess i'm contacting the support

  • Thanks for replying, Stefan

    I think i will be doing the same..  will let you know what happens

  • Hi , i have the same laptop , the Alloy edition which is great :) , i didn't have problems with overheating ..... i have an i7 740qm and it's highest temp was 81* in stress test ... in games i never seen temps higher than 72*.The graphic card is my concern ... when i play demanding games ... the gpu(HD 5650) heats up really fast geting above 80* but no more than 88*.whatever program i used to test stability laptop never restarted.As you said i think in time some dust will acumulate on the air vent and the cooler will no more be efficient. This laptop is super ... i never had such great laptop .... and i think the temp for my i7 are good , i've seen 90 and above on other laptops .... no the same for graphic(it get hot to fast).

  • sure it's a good notebook, what's disturbing me is the loud fan noise but could be normal for a core i7 in a notebook + the laptop crashing on high load. could be the gpu as well, i'm not sure what causes crashing :)

    the only way for me to play civilzation 5 for longer than 1 hour without crashing is taking out the akku pak and making myself 4 little plastic spacers going under the laptop to heighten  it - i guess for a better airflow..

    sorry for the bad english :D

  • hi , try to get a cooler pad for laptops with a bigger fan .... and see if the laptop still overheats .... good luck :).


    i cleaned the fans & vent today.. & temperature are back to normal .. now not even crossing 60 even after hours of usage!! wow!! it was just dust.. am embarassed & relived both knowing that

    anyway, i wish to thank you all for helping me with it. bye.


  • @Doru:

    yeah, i might buy such a tab but, honestly, it's not my problem to fix the device if you know what i mean. i might also let it die due to overheating and get my self a new one / other laptop in return :| thanks anyways, good idea. i've noticed, when i put my mousecable under the device, it's working much better and less noisy ^^

  • I had the same problem, the computer just shut down when I was playing graphically heavy games. I also noticed that most of the time my CPU temperature was around 50-60°C when just browsing the Web/doing nothing.

    After seeing many people recommend that I clean my fan, I had almost started ripping my computer apart when I stumbled upon a post by someone, somewhere, saying that I could just use compressed air.

    I didn't have anything with pressurized gas so I just used a (manual) bicycle pump and blew through the vents for a few minutes.

    That worked like a charm and I would really recommend it to others with the same problem.

    I'm currently playing The Witcher 2 and the temperature rarely goes over 55°C :)

  • I used to enjoy all the game play without any issue. I played Battlefield 2 a month ago and no issues.

    I installed Battle field 3 on my Inspiron N5010 and BOOM! In just 5 mins it would shut down without any error message or alerts.

    Surfed through the forums and everyone is suggesting a clean up. Let me try this tonight and see if it solves the heating issue?


    This is the SpeedFan snap shot taken during just the basic surfing in a cool office environment with hard surface.


  • I have same problem. When I play Crysis 2, It is automatically switched off after 40 minutes. I clean my fan but result is same. Dell replaced my motherboard before 4 monthes, But again it is heated up . Please help me.
  • Hi! Did you disassemble the fan or you just cleaned the blades of the fan? I had problems too with overheating(80 C and higher and after shut down) when i was watching only videos on internet.I disassembled my fan and I found a lot of dirt which was blocking the radiator. i've cleaned it and now,when i am playing it never passes over 75 c tops.Hope you can solve the problem

  • dell inspiron n5010 core i5 heating problem 

  • N5010 owner for 21 months. Fan started running fast and noisy recently. PC too hot to sit on lap. Studied the blogs. Fired up the air compressor in the garage. Blew much dust out of the vents. 5010 now runs cool and fan is quiet.  Like new.  Canned compressed air will work too.  Amazing difference.