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Dell inspiron 1501 not charging.

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A few days ago I've moved to this new house,it didn't have electricity.When the electrician came to open that thing that gives us electricity,I turned on my laptop like usually,after about 10-20 minutes my laptop turned off.First I thought that it was something wrong with the battery,I pressed the start button but it didn't start.Then I've noticed that the LED on the power supply turns off every time I plug the cable into my laptop.The first thing that came into my head was that it might be the electrician fault,maybe he gave big voltage and something from inside the laptop burned out,but after it couldn't be that because I am confident that there is something in the power supply that indicates the voltage the passes through it,and I think that indicator burned out and that's why I can't charge my laptop.Are my thought correct?If not can anyone help me with this problem because I don't really want to go and pay to fix it.Thanks for reading.

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  • Hi

    It does look that the Motherboard has gone bad, now regarding if its electricians fault or not i am not sure because when it comes to power surges you cannot blame anyone.

    If the LED light goes off on the adapter when connected to the system, possible suspects are the AC Adpt and the Motherboard.

    Try this and see if it works, remove battery and AC Adpt, press and hold down the power button for 20-25secs. Once done pulg in the battery , now when you plug in the AC Adpt see if the LED remains on, if it does then turn on the system, if it doesnt then do get in touch with Dell Technical Support for further help. They would diagnose the issue and replace any part required.



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  • I've done what you said and no it doesn't work.I've two questions.1) What does the holding the start button with no-battery helps?

    2)How to check if the motherboard it's ok ?

  • 1) Holding down the power button resets the controller on the motherboard, also clears out any static charges.

    2) At this point i am afraid we have no specific way to check if the Motherboard is ok, the only way to do that is to check with another AC Adpt with similar power specifications.

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