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Dell inspiron n5010 random beep and clank (click) Windows 7 (64bit)


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Dell inspiron n5010 random beep and clank (click) Windows 7 (64bit)

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My brand new n5010 beeps randomly. Single medium-long beep (2sec.) occurs. During the beep there is another mechanical sound inside laptop. The sound can be described as clank or click (very similar like opening laptop`s cdrom). No system freezing no other problems. This occurs 2-3 times a day (sometimes less). No mater if I am using my laptop or it is being idle. So IMHO it`s not temperature problem.

BTW windows Event Viewer has no information at times when beeping and clank`ing occurs.

Can somebody help me? What kind of diagnostics programs I can run? I`ve tried memtest+ with result of 0 errors.. And what kind of logger I can use, taht can catch such error?

Other system specs:

CPU: Intel Core i5-480M

Ram: 6GB (2GB+4GB) 1333MHz DDR3


VGA: 1GB, ATI Radeon HD 5650

Superb system, i Just love it but that creepy beep and clank is driving me mad :)


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  • In my specific case it was HDD problem after changing it to Toshiba  no more problems

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  • BUMP

    Why speedFan app is showing extremely low temperature?

    Core0 and core1 ~10 celcius. BTW I recently noticed that there is no changes in temperatures when beep/clank occurs. What is wrong with my laptop?

  • I have the same problem, but there's nothing wrong with my core temperatures. The beeping and clicking occur about once a day for me, although I only turn on my laptop in the evening.

    I've shot off an email to Dell support to see what they can do. Do you have any updates on your situation?

  • I tried all kind`s of diagnostics (official dell and 3rd party) on my HDD,RAM, and other parts with no luck. Everything passed with success.

    So I have taken my laptop to service. They kept it for one week, tried different diagnostics, but as they claimed, that they didn`t hear any sound. When I receive my laptop back home it took 30 minutes to produce that annoying sound again. I mailed to service again and they ordered HDD replacement. So now I`m still using laptop and waiting HDD replacement arrival.  Anyway the service are NOT 100% sure, that it is HDD problem. Let`s hope, that it`s HDD problem..  

    For last week this sound happens almost twice a day, and it is not single beep anymore. Now it beeps in complete random patterns and after making that beep patern as always click sound occurs.

    By the way. As I google`d about low fan temperatures I discovered, that Low core temperature, was false alarm because of speedfan app incompatibility with my bios (or something like that).


  • Hi!

    I have the same  problem strange beep or clank on every day once or twice.

    I just bougth Dell Inspiron n5010

    CPU: P6200

    RAM: 3GB

    HDD: 320GB

    VGA: Intel

    Any solution are welcome!

    Or I hope it will go bad in warranty time so they can change it back for free!

  • I'm still waiting for hdd replacement. Random beeps+clicks still eats my nerves. I'll  let you guys know on any updates. I hope so do you.


    p.s. after finding people with same problem but diferent hardware I'm now 80% sure, that it is not faulty hdd :(

  • Just a speculation but this still could be a HDD problem, like a series of faulty HDDs in every Inpiron n5010 modell. Maybe they used the same hard disk in these models. But as I sad this is just a speculation. I'm waiting for your experience with your new hdd.

  • O.k. Iv`e got my hdd replacement on friday (yesterday). No problems so far. But only one full day passed, so anything can happen in near future. If problem reappears I`ll let you know. Let`s hope i will never write here again :)

    By the way my old hdd was samsung. replacement is toshiba :)


  • So ?

    Mine started doing that once a month after few month, now it's almost every day for few days

    Did the new HDD helped ? And if it's HDD it's scary for data !

  • yeah it helped. new hdd worked like a charm no more problems for two months so far

    Noe I just love that laptop :)

  • I have the same problem...bought this laptop 2 weeks ago (win 7 x64) and tonight i heard it doing this beep and click for the first time... Tought it was from the cores, but if u say it was the hdd that`s a bit comforting...hdd is less expensive than the cores :) Hope i'll never hear that again, but i wouldn't count on it.


  • Same here. Quite annoying. HDD issue ? win7 64

  • I have for like a month or so almost the same System as vukis, the topic starter. It's I5-480M, 4GB Ram, 640 GB hdd SAMSUNG ALSO, Ati HD 5650 1 gb, very pleased of it, but i also get the BEEPS and CLICKS.

    Not rushing into changing the HDD yet, while I stil have almost another 2 years of warranty. Meanwhile, backing up my information.

    Thank you for your information!

  • it could be the fan on the video card

  • In my specific case it was HDD problem after changing it to Toshiba  no more problems

  • I have the same issue with my inspiron N5010. 4gig, 500gig and ATI 50x video. i hear this ramdom click and beep on the lower left corner. i talked to tech support and suggested the problem is HD. mine too has a samsung drive. I am waiting for the fedex box to arrive to ship the laptop