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Inspiron 1545 Power Light Constantly Flashing 4 Red then White


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Inspiron 1545 Power Light Constantly Flashing 4 Red then White

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The battery can be fully charged and the power cable can be in but no matter what the light is flashing 4 times red then 1 white continuously. 

Any way to stop it?

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  • Hi

    Are you able to turn on the system ?

    I believe by power light you meant the battery charging indicator.

    If you are able to load into OS, Update your BIOS.

    Here is the link to BIOS for your system.

    Dell Inspiron 1545 Intel BIOS



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  • Yes everything works fine it's just the light is constantly flashing. Only time it doesn't flash is if the battery isn't inserted and is running straight from the cable.

    Updated BIOS, even though I don't think I needed to, but didn't do anything.

  • And it's the light on the bottom edge of the laptop beneath the touchpad. 

  • Is this the light we talking about?

    Image-Illustrates the Power LED.


    Lemme make sure if i got it right, If the system is off and you plug in only the adapter with battery plugged in does this light blink amber and it blinks 4 times and then it is solid white. am i right?

    does this happen only when the system is off with AC Adapter plugged in or when system is turned on ?


    Firstly check in BIOS the battery information, it should look something like this. have the AC Adpt plugged in.

    Image-Illustrates the Battery Information


    If battery health is normal, run a hardware diagnostics on the system Hold down Fn when system is off and then press the power button once. do not release the Fn until you see a set of tests running on the system, when you see the message 'No problems have been detected, do you want ot continue with the extended memory tests?' at this point press the power button once and shut it down.

    Let me know the results


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  •  My laptop does the same thing, except mine flashes the 4 amber and then 1 white light when the power button is pressed to start it up. Then while it is flashing that the screen shows a bunch of stuff on it all scrambled. And that is all you can do until you press and hold down power button till it shuts off.

  • If the flash pattern ceases when the battery is removed, it means one or more of the cells in the battery is faulty - you will need a new battery.

    What model system is this?


  •  The 1545. I took the battery out and it boots up great now. Except the display is all messed up. 2 large black spots on it and allot of discolored pixels all over the place. I hooked up another flat panel screen to it (from a desk top) and it works great. Bad display maybe?

  • I am new to this forum and am having the same problem with my Inspiron 1545.  It is working well while being connected to the power cable, but as soon as I remove it to work using battery power the laptop goes off, and on re-connecting to the power cable and re-booting I am told I have not shut down properly.

    I have run a hardware diagnostics test on the system and was told everything was well.

    I bought this laptop in August 2009, and run it mainly via the power cable.  The last time I used battery power was a couple of months ago.  The icon in the bottom right hand corner of the screen tells me that it is fully charged 100%, although a week or so ago it was showing that there it was not fully charged and only about 66% (or thereabouts) even though the power cord had been in for some time.

    Any helpful suggestions or comments would be gratefully received.  I don't consider that a battery with a life of just over 18 months is very good.

  • Your Battery is defective and should be replaced.

  • Thank you - I was wondering if that was the answer.  The next thing will be to find out the best place to get one.

  • I don't know what country you are in; I'm in England.  I bought an additional battery for my 1545 at about six months ago.  It was the best price I could find [I looked at lots of others first] and it works well.  9-cell battery for £56 including delivery.



  • Hi I also have this problem, I bought the laptop just under 2 years ago and after about a year the battery stopped charging all together and I had to always run it from the power cable. I have turned the laptop on today and now have this flashing light situation.

    Obviously I am going to have to fork out for a new battery, just pretty disgusted that this appears to be happening to quite av few people. A real shame as it's a fab laptop otherwise.

  • Just had this problem with my laptop and solved it by removing the battery and power cord, then pressing and holding power button for 1 minute (to empty the laptop from it's residual power). Replaced back battery and power cord and everything was working well.

  • having the same problem with my laptop, was working fine for months and then just switched off during use without warning and when i plugged it in again it was flashing amber and white. how do you remove the battery from it? 

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