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Inspiron 1420 and Windows 7

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Tried to update Windows Vista Home Premium Service Pack 2 to Windows 7 Ultimate, all 32 bit.  Got a warning that Bios A00 needed to be updated and downloaded A10 Bios.  I still get a warning that Bios A10 won't work.  I ran Windows 7 Compatability Checker and everything checked out OK.  Dell's list of laptops for Windows 7 doesn't list the 1420 yet I read many forum post about using Windows 7 on the 1420.  Any ideas of where I go from here?

Intel Core Duo CPU T5450 @ 1.66GHz; 2.00 GB RAM

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  • Windows 7 is not supported on this notebook.  That isn't to say that it wont work on the notebook, but they may be drivers needed that are not available.  So you may not have the full functionality of the notebook.  I would look in device manager and see if there are any missing drivers and see if you can't download and install the Windows Vista versions of the drivers and see if that helps. 

    One other thing that may help, if you just tried to update from Vista to Win 7 instead of doing a clean install of Win 7, then you may want to consider formatting the system and installing Windows 7 from scratch.  That way any software that may be on the system that isn't compatible with Win 7 won't be present and then manually install all the drivers then run the Windows updates. 

    The thing that concerns me about this is if there are no valid chipset drivers for Win 7.  That may explain why you still are getting the errors regarding the BIOS. If this is the case then you may want to consider reinstalling Vista back on the system.


  • TB,

    I discovered I had failed to complete all the steps to install BIOS A10.  When I successfully installed BIOS A10, Windows 7 upgrade installed flawlessly without the need to do a clean install.  I did have to delete a few small Dell utilities that Windows 7 said would not work correctly.  I also had to delete and reinstall McAfee security center and download a new driver for the video card.  The laptop has 100% functionality.  I am able to access two printers and shared folders on wireless network that I could not previously access.  The primary computer on the network is a Dell desktop running Windows 7.  So I was able to find drivers for everything and its works fine.  I believe others with the 1420 have done the same thing so Windows 7 does work marvelously on the 1420.  Boot up and web access is much faster with Windows 7.


  • That is good news. I have a Inspiron Desktop d531 at the house that runs perferctly, probably better with Win 7 than it did with Vista that is shipped with. There are some minor features on the system board that isn't functional, and frankly I haven't missed.   So just because a system "isn't supported" with Windows 7, doesn't mean that it won't run fine. 

    So I am very happy to hear that you corrected the problem with the BIOS and the system is running fine with Windows 7.  Thanks for sharing with us what you had to do to get Win 7 installed and keep us in mind if further problems occur.


  • Hi TC...

    Could you please tell us how did you setup W7 from WVista? Did you installed W7 Ultimate using the Custom Installation (it means, re-formatting your HD) or the Step-By-Step Option (I'm not sure about the real definition of this process but this is explained in the official website).

    I'm planning in a couple of months to update my system to W7 Professional. In fact, did you recommend us this new W7? I mean, what about performance and compatibilities? I'm using an Inspiron 1420 laptop and my currente system is Vista Home Premium.

    Thanks in advance.


  • I used the standard install on WIN7 after the latest BIOS was installed.  I have had not hardware or software conflicts.  WIN7 is much faster than VISTA.

  • I'm having trouble downloading the A10 for my 1420---can you help? <ADMIN NOTE:Email id removed per privacy policy>