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 Does anyone know the original inverter number, and what the backlight number is. i love my laptop and dont want a new one but right now those two things are broke. if i knew what part numbers they were i could go out and buy them and then put them into my laptop to make it work again.

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  • The only way to find the correct inverter is to remove the original and use its part number.  The inverter model will vary with the screen model.

    The baclight bulb is inside the display assembly.  To source a new one, you'll need to remove the existing one (or both - many 17" panels have two) -- the diameter and length of the tube are what you're looking for.

    The inverter is behind the screen.  The bulb is inside:


  • yeah i have removed them both and i actually bought a different inverter nd threw it way because for about 2 hrs the inverter worked but then i found out it was for the wrong size so it burned out. the bulb should be the same though so ill have to check again. but do you know if all of  the inverters work for the 17. could i pick one up that says it works for a e1705. is there a tag on the backlight because i didn't look when i took it apart 2 months ago.

  • Ive also had to dump my laptop about two times now. Once because for some reason when i turned it off and turned it on the next morning my laptop went to a blue screen and said windows couldnt boot. My dad dumped my computer. Then when he set it up, it was super slow and it shouldnt have been slow with nothing on it. He put windows 7 on and before it was windows xp, we lost the disc but we found it again. So i used it for a few days and somehow had 12 viruses on it. So my dad dumped it again, this time put windows xp on and worked for a long time. but about 7 months ago my laptop screen was starting to turn a purple pink, well it finally went out and ive had to use duo screens inorder to still use my laptop. I love my laptop its the best one ive ever used. Not to meniton its my first 17" and i like the room im able to have.

    But does it sound like the backlight and inverter. When we took it apart the backlight and turned it on the color was pink purple then it went out. so we turned off my laptop and turned it again and then it was clear white. but then it went out.  so we took apart his dell laptop and tried my inverter with his backlight and nothing happened. but his laptop worked fine until for some strange reason it went out about weeks ago.

    Is it the backlight and inverter. If it is im gonna go buy them and then try to find a new battery since my laptop is about 3-4 years old its down to about 30 minutes of life.