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How to wipe a Dell Inspiron 1545 and reinstall software due to BSoD

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Let me state this. This computer was NOT the smartest thing I ever bought.

The first day I got the laptop, I made the "Dell Recovery Disc" as it said I should

Today, It Blue Screened on me and shut off. This has been happening ever since I bought it. one of the things where I bought it and EXPECT it to work perfectly. Anyway After it came back on it would not recognize any of the internet services, and there are about 6 in the area. So this is my breaking point I'm going to wipe it.

So I have the "Recovery Disc" "Drivers and Untilities disc" "Application" "Reinstalling Windows 7" and "Microsoft Word" I called Dell to ask which CD to use and they hung up on me. So I turned to a computer friend. He said "Use the recovery disc" I put it in. "Would you like to burn this CD?" "Open blank disc?"  Apparently This laptop is inadequate enough to not even make a recovery disc when I had it to.

Why doesn't Dell just make another CD called "recovery" instead of having us do it?

But main thing. I can't get it to make another recovery disc, How do I wipe this thing and reinstall it? Which CD's should I use in which order?

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  • I have found "Dell Datasafe" again, and it is now restoring back to it's factory settings.