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Need Dell Studio 1558 System recovery disc


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Need Dell Studio 1558 System recovery disc

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Hi All,

My laptop got infected by virus, so i formatted whole drive, and installed new windows 7 trial version, I can not activate it bacause this copy was not provided by Dell.

and I do not have system recovery disc to install Dell activated Windows 7 Home Premium.

I had a talk with Dell Support Center, they told me to get a System recovery disc from the another laptop who has same model as yours.


So Guys, please help me out, I have Dell Studio 1558, and need system recovery disc, if you have just create an image of it and please share over the internet.


Dell Studio 1558,

Core i7 Processor


500 GB hard disc

1 GB ATI graphics card

Windows 7 Home Premium.


If you have same model and nearby configuration, please share your system recovery disc. By any chance if I met you, I will buy you a beer or a coffee your choice.. :)


Help is greatly appreciated.



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  • Hi Amoghsa, I'm Oscar Mauricio, did you get the recovery backup? Maybe can you share it with me.


    Best regards

    <ADMIN NOTE: Email id removed per privacy policy>

  • This is a 4 year old thread and Windows 10 TH2 will be out in .iso format likely next week. Windows 10 TH2 will accept the Windows 7 OEM product key on the COA allowing for direct clean installation.

    Philip Yip


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