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Recovery Disc creation for Inspiron 1520


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Recovery Disc creation for Inspiron 1520

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I bought this used laptop and I would like to know if there is any mecanism to create the recovery Disk because I do not have them.

I know how to put the system into a recovery state (Factory defaults) but if the hard drive is damaged in some way I will lose the recovery partition.

Sorry I put this into a Hardware section, but I do not see a Software section and I thought the others do not apply.

Thanks any help!!

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  • On older systems like this one, there is no way to create restore discs.  You can however, request them.

  • Thanks!!

    I think this is what I'm going to do. I was thinking to put this machine to factory default because every time I turn off or restart the computer an error appears (Saying something about a bad Image) I googled it, but only appears an error like this relate it to a dll that I do not have in my laptop.

    So When I try to boot pressing F8, the menu appears, but when I hit "Repair" option the laptop just go to boot to windows.

    It seems that this error is related to a Bad image of the system restore or something related to it.