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Inspiron 1526 no start (2 lights flash one solid)


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Inspiron 1526 no start (2 lights flash one solid)

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Hello fellow users:

This is strange.  One of my coworkers brought me her laptop and says it just wont start. It had been running just fine. I have looke around here and see some similar issues but not quite pinpointing it.  If I do the FN+ON I will get a solid "9" but the other two flash.  It appears power is running as fan is on and I can cycle the CD door.  Also when I try to start I do see the media buttons cycle as well but then the fault codes.  She didn't tell me how it was last shut down.  I have heard some stories of these going into hibernation and locking up?  I'm hoping someone has dealt with this and can help.

Thanks in advance to all


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  • This is a memory error - try reseating (remove and reinstall) the memory module(s).


  • I will try that this evening and report.  Thank you!

  • Well I unplugged power, and disconnected battery before opening access cover.  I removed both Mem modules and reseated them.  Now the code has changed.  I now have flashing "9" and the other two are solid.  On the front of laptop I have far left light solid and if on charger the 3rd from left will periodically flash indicating charge.  Still no boot.  Memory module(s) bad?  Does it require a pair installed to fire up?  I tried one at a time but no joy. 

    *note* She did say it had become very slow on startup before it gave up.  Does this indicate one of the Mem modules was going by the way of the Do-Do?  Symtoms seem to indicate a loss of memory power with Vista. 

    Thanks in advance.


  • Try the memory modules one at  a time in each slot until you find the faulty module or socket.  Yes, this sounds like a bad memory module or memory socket.


  • Unfortunately this is not the problem.  I took out the two modules and tried them in a Latitude E5500. It booted fine showing 2G RAM.  I tried the E5500 RAM in the 1526.  No go. System Board?

  • Sounds like it, yes.


  • *Update*

    After scouring multiple forums regarding the 1526 I found some interesting intel. Although I did find a lot of posts regarding this situation and failed motherboards I did find an interesting solution.  This condition could be caused by a failed or dead CMOS battery on the Motherboard.  The CR2032 coin battery is about 2 bux.  It is a bit of a pain to disassemble the unit to get to it but it was worth a try. After doing so the machine POST'd right up!  Had to reset time and date but big whoop. 

    The issue now is one ticked off Vista due to 14489 attempted failed starts on the HD.  THAT may be more of the issue now.  I'm letting it chew on safe start stuck on diskcrc.sys for tonight.  It may have busted Vista but at least the core is running again.

  • What I have found now is that if I hold FN and power up it starts and goes into self diagnostics.  It goes through mainboard tests fine.  Video checks out okay too.  However it gets hung up in the memory tests.  It sees the 2G RAM on board but goes through the first memory test fine and passes but then locks up in I think its called "Ground Bounce Test."  I've taken the RAM out and tried one at a time in each slot.  So far I cannot get past that 2nd RAM test.  Any ideas?  I'm going to try some 512M modules from a E5500 again tonight and run the same tests.  I've not tried the 2nd set of RAM since I got the motherboard to boot.  Thanks in advance.

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