Dell Inspiron Laptop Not Connecting to Internet through wifi or cable plug into the laptop


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Dell Inspiron Laptop Not Connecting to Internet through wifi or cable plug into the laptop

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I have a Dell Inspiron 1525 Laptop and for some reason the wifi isnt working nor plugging the cable into the laptop. Can anyone tell me what the problem might be?

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  • Can you provide a little more information? Like what have you tried, what haven't you tried?

    It could be something very simple-Have you maybe accidently hit the little wi-fi on/off button on the right side of the unit to off?  It's a really small slide button in front of the CD/DVD player. Make sure it is pushed to the back of the unit.

    To help you any further we would have to know what your OS is. If your Running Windows Vista like me you can go to Control Panel, Device Manager,  Choose Network Adapters, Then It should show you what your Wireless Card is standard in this unit is a 1395 WLAN Wireless Mini Card, Choose that, Double Click on that. It should open a box that shows you the status of the device-does it say the device is working?

    If your device is working perhaps it is a setting with your ISP. Have you contacted your ISP?

    Also if you just got your Dell it is under warranty and all you need to do is call Dell and they can walk you through this-unless of course this is a resale item.


  • The WIFI is turned on position on the side of the laptop. For some reason I can't even connect to the interenet even if I have the Internet cord plugged into the side of the laptop. I went to the Device Manager but theres not even a thing that says network adapters.

  • You didn't answer any of my questions-like is this new? If it is you can call Technical Support and they can walk you through this at probably no cost.

    Is this bought second hand? This is what it sounds like if you don't have a Network Card.  If it is the prior owner may have formatted the hard drive (erased everything) and reset it to factory settings, and reloaded programs but failed to reload the Network Card. If that is the case and they gave you all the CD's that go with the unit your okay all you need to do is load it from the driver CD. If not then you obviously have some way to access the internet, hop on Dell's Driver Download Site and Download the latest  driver for the Dell 1395 Wireless WLAN Mini-Card then load it to your computer.

    I really have no way of knowing I am really guessing here since you are not forthcoming with information.

    I can give you the site and help you nail down the file if you want to go that route.

  • I got this laptop for Christmas 2 1/2 years ago. It worked great for about 2 years then all of a sudden this happened. So it used to work but just not now. I dont get why it wont even connect to the internet when the ethernet cord is plugged into the laptop.

  • Okay-so you have all the applicable CDs that come with this unit this is good!We can re-install it.

    Next question I have is how long ago did this start occurring and did you happen to remember downloading something at the same time? Sometimes Malware and Viruses can get in there and do this sort of thing, corrupt files and even erase them.Probably a stupid question, but have you run Malware scans and your Virus protection up to date and you ran them? Assuming the answer to that is yes let's move on.

    Let's try reinstalling the Wireless Card Driver. You'll need your Dell Driver CD, Your Computer of Course, the Windows CD, and An Internet Connection.

    1) Locate your Dell Driver CD and place it in the CD Drive in your computer. The CD is usually blue, purple, or blue & gray and labeled "drivers". A screen will appear asking you to make a selection of the drivers you need. In this case you will be looking for something like the Dell 1395 WLAN Wireless Mini-Card, I think that was Standard on the Inspirion 1525.

    2) Open up another Window to see what other Drivers you are missing or are not installed correctly. For all we know your Wireless Card may not be the only problem and we can download multiple drivers while we are downloading the Wireless Card. Click on "Start", and go to the "Control Panel" on the right to complete this task. Then move to Step 3.

    3) Click on "System" and go to the "Device Manager". A Yellow Exclamation Point indicates a device is not installed properly. This can include USB Devices as well as your Network Card(LAN) and many more. It is a routine process to install many devices because they are grouped together on the motherboard. The DELL CD will walk you through the process.

    4) Now, if you successfully loaded the driver and can get on the ineternet, Click On the Dell Website and go to the downloads and updates. There is an update for this particular Driver. Follow the guidelines and download it and I have another post under my name that explains how to activate this card. If you can't find it or you still need help just reply here.

    Good luck!

  • TBayless

    I got this laptop for Christmas 2 1/2 years ago. It worked great for about 2 years then all of a sudden this happened. So it used to work but just not now. I dont get why it wont even connect to the internet when the ethernet cord is plugged into the laptop.

    I would turn off your laptop. Turn off the router. Wait a minute. Then turn on only the router. Let it synchronize with your DSL or cable modem. Then, turn on your laptop.



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  • That might work if she could find her Network Card, but her Network Card isn't even installed anymore.

  • I found a different hard drive at my house. I believe i am missing the driver cd. is there anyway to get a download for that?

  • Go to and enter your Service Tag (found on the bottom of your computer) it will come up with the latest drivers for that computer.

  • Hi

    It would help us a lot to diagnose the problem if you could provide us with screen shot of the device manager.

    If you do not have Network adapters present but if you have 'other devices' then installing the drivers from the support site (As mentioned above) will fix the problem you are having.

    If it still doesnt fix the problem, attach a screen shot so that we can have a look at it first hand.

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  • hey i need help with that to cuz my computer was whipped so wat is that link to download the Dell 1395 Wireless WLAN Mini-Card  program

  • I have a similar issue with my Dell 1545. At least 3 or 4 years old.

    In my case I am running Windows Vista.

    My network adapter seems to be working fine. (I checked through Device manager and find the card installed as Dell Wireless 1397 WLAN mini Card). Does this mean that both the card and the driver are working as they should, or does this just confirm working of one or the other?

    My computer can not find any networks and the error message says "The dependency service or group failed to start".

  • Same . I have 1545 and had it for 3 years from bought from my girlfriend. So its about 4 years old. It has been working fine. I have Windows 7