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Replacement battery not recognized and will not charge


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Replacement battery not recognized and will not charge

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I was given an older Inspiron 2200 laptop recently and had to replace the battery.  I bought a battery from Amazon that said would be for this model laptop.  When the computer starts up it says the battery is not identified and will not charge.  I have updated the BIOS for this type laptop and it said I had the latest version.  Does anyone have an answer to this?

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  • Dell battery

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  • If you're asking me if this replacement was a Dell  If you're saying the answer is only a Dell battery..looks like I need to return and get the Dell.  Are you positive it can only be  a Dell?  Can Amazon claim it would work on this model if it isn't true?

    Thanks for replying.

  •  Hi PANDO33

    You need to get a Dell battery.

    This is what you can do, check if the BIOS detects the battery. Refer to the following screen shot

    Press F2 when start your system.


    If it doesnt then you can give this a shot.

    Remove the battery and disconnect the AC Adpt.

    Press and hold the power button for 15-25secs

    Then plug both back and check in BIOS again.

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  • It shows the battery on this check but it still, when booting up, states that it doesn't recognize the battery and will not charge.  I am going to return the battery and get a Dell battery.

    Thanks for replying....