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Battery internal counter reset - Latitude D830

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Hi guys,

It's been quite a while since I've been here last time, a lot of things have changed I see, but I hope someone will give me constructive reply, like it was in the old days :)

I have, among other Dell laptopts, my favorite D830, which is about 2 years old. Guess what happened: from day to day battery decreased itself's performance by about 25%. How do I know that? I checked battery status on Monday - I still had about 2 hrs time to work without AC adaptor. Suddenly, on Tuesday, battery time decreased to 1 hr 30 mins.

I'm engineer myself, I know the chemistry of Li-Ion and Li-Poly batteries - these batteries are reliable, can stand up to 10 years, and NEVER decrease their performance by 20% in a second; I also know that there is a chip installed in the battery, that counts charging times. I read on other forums that people revived their batteries using 3rd party software, setting this counter to 0 in the battery EEPROM.

Personally, I'm a little bit afraid of using such software especially that is quite expensive. So, how can I reset internal battery counter, so I give battery cells the chance to die in the natural way, not the Dell way, so I just don't replace a good battery only because someone wants to make quick money on me?

Constructive replies are really welcome :)

P.S. After switching off all power saving stuff, battery is still holding for about 2 hrs, magically staying at 3% :) Anyways, I tried to drain it to zero, remove it, press the button on the battery along with power button on the laptop, but still both BIOS and Dell Battery Power Meter tells me stories about decreasing performance. There simply must be a way to reset this message, as battery cells itself are not intelligent enough to report that they are dying - it is software issue.

Help please!


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  • You can cover up the symptoms with a counter reset - but you don't know the chemistry of lithium batteries at all, if you think they're good for ten years.  They're good for about 2-3 years or 300-500 charge cycles, whichever comes first.  The battery pack needs to be replaced (and discharging it to zero will simply hasten its demise - that, along with heat - is the primary killer of lithium ion batteries).

  • Before proceeding with the attitude - at least have your facts correct.

    The Toyota Prius doesn't use lithium ion batteries precisely because Toyota isn't convinced of their long-term reliability.  It uses now, as it always has, nickel metal hydride batteries.  Yes, the new Chevrolet Volt uses lithium ion batteries - but it has no track record (the track record of the Toyota Ni-MH batteries is very good, on the other hand - having been well proven over the years).

    I'll let someone else answer your question - you're not going to listen to an answer other than the one you want to hear;  it's clear you're not interested in the truth - nor in facts.


  • I'm sorry if I didn't make myself clear.

    I don't want to discuss whether my battery is actually dead or not. All I want to know is how to reset charge counter that is built in Dell battery pack.

    P.S. You are right about the type of batteries used by Toyota - I mixed them up in fact with Volt, my mistake, I'm sorry. But it is not what I would like to discuss here.

  • Or let me put this another way.

    Let's suppose I replaced every cell in my battery pack with new ones, bought on Ebay, dismounted from battery of exactly the same type - I just replaced cells, leaving the old chip. The chip still says my battery is old and needs to be replaced. My question is:

    how can I reset internal charge counter in Dell battery pack?


  • With an EEPROM programmer:


  • Come on, there should be an easier (cheaper) way. If this is sensitive info for Dell, please write to me directly and I promise I shut up.

    Any trick with BIOS, key combination? Battery has at least 5 pins - maybe it is enough to short, for example 2 with 3? I just don't believe there is not a backdoor left.


    ejn63, I give up. I know I should buy a new battery. But I'm also pretty sure you know the answer to my question - I promise once I reset this counter, I buy a new battery :)

  • ejn63 doesn't seem to know the answer - instead of writing elaborates on Lithium batteries you should've just simply say "I don't know".

    So, how can I reset internal charge counter in Dell battery for Latitude D830?

    I know many people have this problem with Dell "smart" batteries, see this:

    I also found some information on battery recalibration, particularly this:

    Here is a question to Dell - can I use any of these tools (that Dell provides, link above) to recalibrate my battery in Latitude D830?


  • I'm also looking for an answer to this. Have a Precision M6300 and the battery died ~1 year ago. Replaced the cells today with new ones, it still runs like the old cells.

    This is simply amazing...

    Too bad I can't use the tools you linked to; the batteries are incompatible with mine.

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