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DELL INSPIRON 6400 laptop won't boot,flashing num lock light when holding FN

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I have a 4 year old dell inspiron 6400 and a while ago when my laptop wasnt booting up properly ....
i googled the issue and found similar problems and they say to start the laptop while holding the FN key, i do so and my caps lock and scroll lock lights become solid and my num lock light flashes....but i cant figure out what this means. And my laptop still wont boot!
anyone know what the above means, please check for me .

Anyone got any ideas as to how to boot up my laptop, even if just once, as long as i can get some of my data!

OS:Windows vista home edition

thanks in advance


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  • I have identified there is a problem in one of the RAM(512MB) and Slot got damaged. I just removed the damaged RAM from the board . After that everthing working fine in my laptop.




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