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Dell Mini bios password


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Dell Mini bios password

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Hi, i have a dell mini 910, and was puchased from a aution site. the hdd seems to be broken but i can`t reach the bios because is password protected. i have no bios password and i see the laptop still has warrancy. if you can provide me the master password will be much helpfull for me. the service tag is : <ADMIN NOTE:Service tag removed per privacy policy>

Thank you and best regards.

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  • Unless you can register the system with Dell (which means contacting the registered owner), you will need to replace the mainboard.


  • thank you, but is impossible to get the registered owner.. the laptop was buy from a auction site a year ago. anyway if is anyone so kind to help me, please write me at: <ADMIN NOTE:Email id removed per privacy policy>

  • This is the part you will need:


  • thank you

  • you dont have to buy another motherboard to remove a bios password all you have to do is remove the cmos battery and it will reset it =P that is located somewhere on the motherboard sometimes they have jumpers they call them you can flip its kina like a switch some have to have 2 wires soldered on to a chip and touch them when its coming on to short it out which is how you remove the password and some just unplug from the motherboard im not sure which yours is but thats how you do it no need for another motherboard =]

  • after removing the battery is asking for bios password on boot, i can`t even boot from usb now. i try to find a schematics for the motherboard. thanks for tips.

  • There are no jumpers - nor is the password stored in a battery-backed chip.


  • i know the chip can be shortcut for reseting the password , but is not a easy way to provide me the master pass for my service tag ? is too bad to trash a good motherboard.

  • The master password is system specific.  To obtain it you must call Dell, prove you own the system (which you cannot) and pay a $60 support call fee.


  • COCAPALA , thank you for your reply... i have read now about  24C02 chip but is deep deep hidden on 910 :) or has another name on 910 version ?

  • so far i discovered the bios :) recorng to a pdf i got, the 3 and 6 pins must be shortcuted but i`m not 100% sure about it :)