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n5010 - fan is very loud


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n5010 - fan is very loud

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i have bought my dell inspiron n5010 (i7, q740, 1,73 Ghz) today and i am scared of the noise of it. the fan is working very loud the whole time, starting with powering-on the laptop. what can I do, it is really horrible to work with this noise and i am thhinking about returning the laptop.


glad for every help and advice. regards from germany


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  • no solution?


    bios is A10, the cpu usage is between 6 an 12 percent.

  • i have the same problem after updating to the new bios A10, the fan is constantly spinning whereas before that update it was quiet and nice, the laptop is around 4 months old, the temp reading show between 50-40 celsius on the cores and before the update the fan was working pretty nice and quiet on these values , right now it is noisy as hell . Need help badly or my next laptop wont be Dell.

  • forgot to add the specs i3-350M 3 gigs of ddr3 and 1 gb ati 5470, the problem is very irritating

  • no answer, i`m not surprised, does anyone here know how to revert back to the older BIOS A02, it was stable enough, no problems with the fan

  • Dell inspirion N5010

    I have the same problem and The problem exists from the get-go.

    Why is this notebook so NOISY? Is this a notebook or a hairdryer? This is really annoying and disturbing. I am really upset.

    I bought my new dell N5010 notebook last week, on 10 Jan 20111 from MEDIA MARKT Istanbul, TURKIYE.  I called Dell support on 11 Jan 2011, they offered me BIOS update but neither BIOS version A10 nor A11 solved this problem.  BIOS version A10 is  flashed then A11 is flashed.

    And you can not flash older BIOS versions because Dell does not permit this. There is a pop up window says " you are about to flash your Bios to an older Bios version. Dell does not recommend flashing your bios to an older version. Press OK button to exit."

    Dell inspirion N5010 system BIOS version A10                  Release Date:11/18/2010
    Dell inspirion N5010 system BIOS version A11                  Release Date:1/10/2011

    BIOS A10 Fixes and Enhancements
    1. Improved support for integrated card reader.
    BIOS A11 Fixes and Enhancements
    1. Improved battery charging support for Ubuntu.
    2. Improved USB storage devices support.
    3. Enhanced BIOS master passowrd recovery required Service Tag information.

    These are not for Fan related problem solutions.

    When you chose different performance plan the problem still exist. Battery power saving plan, Balanced Plan, Dell plan etc.
    After starting Windows.... FAN starts in ~6-8 min then it never stops and  In BIOS.. FAN is working in full speed mode and blowing very hot air and it never stops until you exit the BIOS. Why is it working in BIOS? for what?
    Is this a software problem or a hardware problem? If this is a general problem with this series and there is no solution please call back these notebooks DELL!! and offer problem free one. I am really disappointed.


    model no:  5010 -3432
    Intel core i5 CPU M460 2,53Ghz, 3GB RAM
    Ati mobility radeon HD 550V 1GB
    Samsung HDD 320GB HM321HI
    PLDS optical disk drive DS-8A5SH
    Win7 B 64bit
    PLDS (Philips & Lite-On Digital Solutions Corporation)

    There are also other problems which I noticed on this notebook since 10 Jan 2011

    Samsung HDD is making cizzzzzz! click! clock! noise even there is no application on task bar started by user  Even screen saver (just black) is in use.  Bluetooth, wireless closed, no USB port in use but HDD led is always flashing ,blinking as if it  continuously writes or reads something.  It never stops. It just stop on sleep mode. McAfee anti virus is not activated. And it is also closed.

    PLDS ODD is also making annoying noise and excessive vibration. It is working like a truck engine I tried many different DVDs or CDs.  My computer table is vibrating as a whole.

    Keyboard noise. Typing sound. I am writing with my ten fingers means there is no need to lift your fingers up and no need to press hard, no need to use unnecessary pressure on keys. I noticed that the left part of the keyboard is bending downwards and It is flexible. Under this part there is ODD and there is emptiness so keyboard is bending downwards..and upwards...I think spring clips of the keys is kicking backwards more because of this flexibility.

    Battery life is short.   with %100 battery charge       app. ~ 2hours or less than 2 hours. wireless and  bluetooth are closed. cable connection is used. Battery saving performance plan is set. Just Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer application is open and just surfing forums about this problem not watching video, listening music and no more applications on task manager and  so on if you use some more applications it goes less 2 hours ~1 hour 45 min ( Could it be because of  non- stop working fan?)


    PS: on DELL web site,  WARRANTY  status of my notebook is  INCORRECT

    18 Oct 2010 - 19 Oct 2012

    18 Oct 2010- 19 Oct 2011parts only    BUT  I've purchased my notebook on 10 Jan 2011 from MEDIA MARKT

    and I have tried to register my N5010 on DEEL support site to make correction but I couldn't because TÜRKÄ°YE is not on the list for registration form. I have also checked Dell Türkiye web site there isn't such kind of an  registration form part     http://www.dell.com.tr/

    and redirecting, linking to the international web site again for this.

  • you can not flash older BIOS versions given by DELL web support because Dell does not permit this. There is a pop up window says " you are about to flash your Bios to an older Bios version. Dell does not recommend flashing your bios to an older version. Press OK button to exit."

    but there are some ways and I have found much more easiest one on this website...



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    I tried to revert to an older bios, but got an error message saying that you can't write an earlier version of bios to the system.  Why would Dell do such a stupid thing?  What if they found a bug in their newer bios and you needed to go back to an older version.

    Is there anyway to get around this?  I put a newer version of bios on my system to get rid of the vacuum cleaner fan problem, but I find the newer version of the bios makes the fan give me a headache due the the high pitch noise if gives off.

    I just had a chat with a Dell tech and he could not get my system to revert to an older bios either.  It looks like Dell programmers  won't let you put an older bios back on your machine.  It will let you put a newer bios on, but not let you replace the bios with an older version. This is mind boggling to me.  The tech told me that the XPS 435T does  allow the bios to accept an older version.  Why doesn't the XPS 435MT allow the older version bios to install.?


    "I found a way to get the old bios back.  You have to install the bios by using a run command prompt.  run (file name of bios) /forceit .  It installed the older bios that way."

    BUT becarefull read this topic first  and ask dell support and I will call Dell support tomorrow for me too.

    "Inspiron N5010 - erased BIOS - All is Black"    http://en.community.dell.com/support-forums/laptop/f/3518/t/19361925.aspx

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    Very well then , as long as you are under warranty you dont have to worry about it.

    Call up Tech Support and they will be able to help you out with this issue.

    I believe you customized Kaspersky settings, is that right ?

    Most anitivirus including kaspersky by default allow the BIOS flash utility to proceed.

    Anyways as i said as long as you are covered under warranty you dont have to worry. Tech Support will help you with this issue.


    Hi Ahmed,

    Its unfortunate you had to go through this, BIOS upgrade is a very critical procedure, and before running the setup any firewall or application control mainly kaspersky must be disabled.

    Keyboard and mouse go off after the BIOS has been flashed, it was a bad idea to remove the AC Adpt and Battery. Well i suppose there was nothing you could have done during such a lockup.

    The only way to reload the BIOS into the motherboard is through external gear (EEPROM Flash), which only technicians have access to.

    If there was an option of flashing BIOS Externally, trust me we would be the first to hand the solution over to our customers, unfortunately thats not an option.

    Once a BIOS is cleared from the Motherboard the Motherboard is rendered useless unless reloaded by this BIOS in the factory.

    The only way out is to get the MotherBoard replaced. How old is your laptop ?.


    Thank You for using Dell Community.




  • That is nice, but i don`t think  i`ll try that just, because i don`t want to mess up with the bios.I f something goes wrong i want be able to restore the system, i have a warranty but i don`t have time to send the laptop for repair. Why nobody from dell cares, I know that informing R&D can be a slow business but they should care about their products and customers at the first place. BIOS update form A02 to A10 , fan works at greater speed => noise, CPU temp is the same (i have been monitoring that from the purchase 5-6 months ago) with either BIOS, so why the fan is spinning with a greater speed .

    DELL SUPPORT WE NEED ANSWERS? Either provide a way for restoring the bios to the older version one (a one that will work for sure) or provide us with a newer bug free bios rectifying the problem with the fan !

  • Just now i updated my BIOS with new A11 version and now laptop's fan is really making noise....it was so quiet earlier. I am am cursing myself for updating BIOSSad. Please Dell fix this problem... and whatever yasmin said i am also facing same problems. And when i was updating my BIOS , fan was spinning like a crazy i thought i am gonna make a mess fortunately nothing happened but this noise. Please fix all the issues as soon as possible.

  • Did you see that there is A12 update for bios - did you try that one? Same happens to e - the fan is going crazy, but I'm on Linux.


  • I've just updated to A12, and my original fan noise problem is still there - every few minutes, the fan goes on for 20-30 seconds, without any extra CPU load (no open windows, only background processes, none of which eats more than 5% of CPU, with a total load under 5% at all times).

    This behavior happened with the A09 BIOS that the laptop was shipped with, as well.

  • Hi Guys!

    Same problem here with N5010 i3 but i was able to get it done, one of my friend helped me with that and now its perfectly working! And all you have to do is to clear the CMOS, I mean you'll probably have to remove the laptop by your own and remove the battery (not the laptop battery , its the CMOS battery) and keep it sepereate for more than 2 minutes and then the BIOS will get flashed or unrecognized with the current BIOS since this is just saved on the chipset memory with the backup of the CMOS battery, and once it's done, Switch on the Lap and re install the desired BIOS verson that you are required. (default BIOS) and trust me this time it will work for you,! Hope this would be a great relief for you guys! and before doing this please let me know that how are you guys trying to install the BIOS, is it with a executable file? (setup.exe)

  • http://search.dell.com/results.aspx?spf=Inspiron&ssysid=inspiron_N5010&ssysn=N5010&s=biz&c=us&l=en&cs=555&ira=False&cat=sup&subcat=dyd&rf=all&nk=f&k=Inspiron+N5010&p=1&rpp=12&sort=k&~srd=False&ipsys=False&advsrch=False

    Use this link for BIOS Downloads!


  • This laptop seems to be sold with different configurations.

    Some have a bigger HD...some have a faster graphics card.

    The better your components are the more heat the machine will produce.

    The more heat your machine produces ... the faster the fan wil go ... the louder it will be.

    My setup is I3 M380 cpu, 5650 graphics card, 500GB HD, 4GB memory.

    I am running Windows 7 64bit.

    I have a gadget installed reading the temperature of the graphics card.

    It reads at this moment 76 C. Thats quite hot if you ask me.

    I am just downloading some files at the moment. 

    Thats why the fan is as loud as it can be right now.

    When I pause downloading the temp of the graphics card drops a bit.

    When it reaches about 65 C, I can noticably hear the fan drop in speed.

    At temperatures < 35C I almost cannot hear the fan.

    But that only when I turn on the laptop.

    Remember, these are graphic cards temperatures. I dont have a CPU temp gadget installed.


    My wife has a Lenovo Thinkpad. She is working in the sun with it right now. And I can not hear the fan of that machine. It is very quiet.

    Tho I feel warm air blowing out of it.


    So all in all, if I compare it to my wifes Lenovo,  I think the fan is just very loud.

    When you open some applications or play a game or you are downloading, you hear the fan, in my opinion, too loud for a laptop.


    I am curious about other peoples configurations and temperatures related to the fan noise they have.

    And remember...well...in my opinion..., the standard, the criterion,  the normal noise level is that you almost hear nothing.

    I can live with it but it I can imagine it is annoying for others.


  • Is this idle temperature ok for mine it was noted when it was left idle doing nothing 

    my configuration is core i3 350m 4gb ram 250gb hdd, ati 5470 512mb  please help my fan is driveing me crazy and i even updated to A12 bios

  • @Alex12349

    I think those are normal temperatures for idle state.


    I installed a CPU temp gadget and stressed the CPU temp is almost 90C !

    A few times the laptop shut down due to the high temp (Tj.max = 90C).

    Of course the fan is blowing at full force.


    I tried to install ATItools and Rivatuner but got blue screens and had to repair the system.

    I gues we have to live with the loud fan.