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Dell Inspiron 14R N4010 freezing and sound shuttering..


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Dell Inspiron 14R N4010 freezing and sound shuttering..

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I am a student currently and I bought this model for entertainment and study purposes. Just bought this laptop 1 month ago and started from last week, I began to experience random freezing and sound shuttering/buzzing during that freezing period. The freezing issue will be there around 1-4 secs with buzzing sounds(only if when it comes to movies,games and musics) every 30-40 minutes. For example, if I am watching movie, the movie wont skip at all but it will freeze together with buzzing sounds. At first, I thought it was my connection problem when I was playing online games during the first time I experienced it. But not till when I watching movies or playing some videos in facebook, the problem still persists. I was actually quite happy with this model as in the beginning, everything was fine. I updated the Windows Updates and I didnt install anything else besides Mozilla,Google Chrome and online games like HoN. I felt kind of weird because this problem is so sudden and I really need help in this.Although it is not as worse as serious freezing but still, it can be annoying sometimes when I watching movies because the conversations in the movie will get stuck/freezing together with buzzing sounds. Sometimes during surfing the website, my web browser will also freeze once in a while especially when playing facebook or the games in facebook. Hope that someone could assist me in this matter.

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  • It sounds like a problem I have with my Inspiron 1545.  It had it in May and it worked fine until about 2-3 weeks ago when I noticed that the Windows start up music was very fuzzy with loads of crackles and that start up would take much longer.  The computer seems to be much slower now and freezes occasionally as you said and when I play audio tracks or use a Skype connection the sound is full of crackles and echoes etc.  It is not a speaker problem since it is the same with headphones plugged in.  I have a CPU meter which shows it running at 100% for a large amount of time and multiple copies of svchost also seem to slow everything down.  I'm thinking either audio CODEC problem/motherboard problem/virus.  let's hope its the former. Any one with any ideas?

  • Hi , i have the same laptop i bought it couple months ago , i'm having exactly the same problem ,the laptop freeze with the buzzing noise but in my case sometime the freezing last couple a seconds or sometimes the laptop just stop working at all that i have to shut it down with the power button .this mostly happen while watching videos on youtube . i need help cause it's driving crazy  . did you get any help , i don't know what to do ...Thank you 

  • i finally found out that this is the 'DPC' latency problem..

    details could be found in this link.

  • Did you find out what was causing the data latency?