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User Profile Cannot Be Loaded

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A few days ago I received the message "The User Profile Service' services failed logon" "user profile cannot be loaded". This message appeared after I typed in my login password. I was unable to go any further because the computer at that point was stuck in a loop. I would hit the 'Ok' button and the computer would say "Logging Off" then go right back to the login password prompt. I ended up having to shut down and restart in Safe Mode. At that point I did a System Restore and the computer has worked fine which by the way is a Studio 1747. I received the message again today but tried the password again and it went through. I immediately turned the computer off and on again and it worked fine. Does anyone have any idea what is happening? Thanks. 

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  • A hard drive that's dying -- with bad sectors - is the usual cause.  To verify, press F12 at powerup, boot to the Dell diagnostics, let the tests run and then follow to the 32-bit diagnostics thereafter.  Run an extended (takes a couple of hours) test on the hard drive.

  • Hi,

    System restore is not a permanent resolution to this issue. Please follow the following steps to resolve this permanently.

    1.       Turn off computer

    2.       Turn on computer and press F8 while you see the DELL logo

    3.       On the Windows Advanced Options select Safe Mode

    4.       Open the Start Menu and type Regedit on the Start Search field

    NOTE: If unable to boot to OS even in safe mode then boot to WinRE, go to command prompt - type regedit.exe to perform below steps:

    5.       Go to the following entry:

    a.        HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Profile List

    6.       There you will find 5 Numerical entries after you click on "Profile List"

    7.     On the “.BAK” file you will find an entry with ProfileImagePath with the name of the user.

    8.     Delete the repeated entry that does not contain “.BAK”

    9.     Right click on the other entry and select Rename. Delete the extension .BAK for the original entry.

    10.  Exit Regedit

    This should take care of the issue and after doing these steps you will not face any such concern again.




    11.  Restart computer.