Restore Inspiron N5010 to factory condition after installing windows 7


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Restore Inspiron N5010 to factory condition after installing windows 7

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I reinstalled Windows 7 from the disk provided with my laptop My laptop still wasn't quite right, so I wanted to recover back to the factory image, but whenever I went to the Advanced Boot Menu , the 'Repair your Computer' option is no longer available. now recover factory image was not available. Any ideas on how to get the 'Repair your Computer' option back, i want to restore my laptop into the factory installed condition.

I was unable to restore the system through Dell data safe local back up.

This was deleted during OS reinstallation.

I download  a new one from

Is it possible to get all the factory settings..

Please help me


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  • Once you manually install, the automatic restore is gone.  You must proceed with the manual install.


    Here is the problem ,

    I tried in this way...

    Dell datasafe local back up -> Restore->Restore your system to a previous date-"Your computer will be restored to the state it was on 10/21/2010 4:10 PM (Factory image).This process might take more than an hour depending on the size of full system backup. Click restart to restart your computer and automatically enter the recovery environment "->Restart

    Launch startup repair->Searching for problems->select keyboard->username &password->Recovery options->Launch startup repair/Shutdown/Restart

    But Same steps repeating.

    This is happening now.

    and this is the same problem encountered before reinstalling Windows 7.i just repair the windows 7, not a complete reinstall.

    What i have to do.Is there any hope while using command promt..Anyway i want to restore.

    1 more problem is ...when i starting the desktop sometimes appears in a blue/black screen.What s this?.(not now, before reinstalling Windows 7)

    Is it possible to get factory settings while returning this laptop to Dell.How many days will take if i do  so and what are the procedures?

    Hope that u can help me.